AEGis Boost Review – Is It Good?

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost vaporizer is one of several vaporizers from the popular VandyVape lineup of electronic products. It’s the newest vaporizer in the VandyVape lineup and is also one of their best compact vaporizers. What makes this vaporizer so great is the fact that it does not use a cartridge at all. Instead, it utilizes a reusable coil that you place into your water tank. By doing this, you eliminate all of the problems associated with older cartridges.

aegis boost

This AEGIS Boost also has a larger LCD display and comes with a handy remote control with touch buttons and a quick dial for temperature settings. The remote can be used with a normal table or a vaporizer. It’s a nice feature that makes using the AEGIS Boost a breeze. One of the unique features of the AEGIS Boost that sets it apart from other vaporizers is the fact that it does not use a standard coil but instead uses a high quality quartz coil. This gives the AEGIS Boost a warmer more flavorful vapor.

As with any vaporizer that utilizes a high quality quartz coil, you’ll get some extra benefit from the boost if you use a deep credit cell. The aegis vaporizer utilizes a triple A battery to supply the maximum output power possible. This means that even if you don’t have a lot of time to make vapor, you can still get a powerful vapor. The geekvape aegis boost will last a long time without needing a change in batteries. There are two options available when selecting a model, a keychain style or a box style.

The aegis boost also has a variable wattage option with the ability to set a wattage that will produce what is necessary for your personal taste. There is a built in thermometer to monitor your current airflow. This allows for customized settings for your vapor production needs. The internal ceramic heater provides a constant heating element to ensure that your coils never go bad. The increase in wattage is a direct result of increasing airflow, which means more vapor production.

The geeksvape aegis boost has an adjustable airflow control that lets you vary the amount of air flow that is produced. You can use it for either dry or wet vapes depending on what you want. It is a simple, easy to use vaporizer that is perfect for anyone who wants to have as much control as possible over their own personal vaporization experience. The only negative to this vaporizer is the battery. While the battery is small, it does take quite a few hours to charge completely. A small feature, but definitely worth mentioning.

Like many other geekvape products, the aegis vaporizer coils come in a variety of varieties. The standard and Deluxe kits are the most popular. They both offer the standard ceramic firing method and include the pod system. The Deluxe kit also includes the vaporizer coils which are extra large and made of glass. The biggest difference is that the larger coils provide a higher quality of vapor and heat.

For those who enjoy a more advanced experience, the upgrade kit called the e-mod is offered as a separate purchase. The e-mod is essentially a customized version of the aegis boost and contains a variety of new options. Extra coils, glass chips, and a variety of other things have been added to the kit to make it a better overall experience. The vaporizer is an essential part of this kit.

This vaporizer is not designed to replace the aegis boost. However, it does prove that aegis makes a great choice for intermediate users and beyond. There are several different options available, including the upgrade kits and the vaper style coil system. If you are interested in the vaper style, you may want to check out the geekvape dual battery life version.