Augvape INTAKE RTA Critic

The brand of Augvape gives me the impression that the sense of innovation is relatively strong. Like the VTEC engine red head machine and AUGVAPE Templar (San Qi) RDA, the RDA can always leave a deep impression on players and become a popular product. Recently, they launched Augvape INTAKE RTA again. How it behaves differently from others?
The packaging of RTA PWA continues the packaging style Shengqi GDR. The cylindrical package black background is small in volume and easy to move and carry. The information on the case is simple and clear, and there is a QR code and anti-counterfeiting coating.

Augvape Intake RTA 4.2ml
Product Configuration
1 * Augvape CONTRIBUTED RTA, 1 * 510 adapter, 1 * nozzle replacement, 1 * silo glass right, 1 small key * T * 1 package aprons, in fact, manufacturers in the packaging may put some cotton watermarked and, if necessary, after all, these bases have become the norm.
From the appearance, one can clearly see that the RTA INPUT is different. The upper part of the RTA is obviously greater than the lower PWA. At first sight, it will be a high bit heavy. When connected to the host or mechanical rod, the actual overall vision is found. The effect is good. Because of the solidmaterials, INTAKE RTA still has a lot of weight. Compared with traditional RTA, I personally feel that the contribution RTA is unique in the input structure and the second in the base of the electrode. It is precisely because it uses the upper air intake, so that the shape of the RTA INPUT is also unique.
For the nozzle of intake RTA, it is also an internal nozzle 810 with traditional treatment of inverted cone (another black nozzle is also distributed). To meet the needs of the taste of some players, is also presented an adapter 510. silos rights can also be used, which shows that the appearance of PWA RTA is rich enough. In addition to the slimming treatment on top, a snap-on design was also made, combined with the notch on the oil injection ring for sealing and easy connection of the top cover and ring oil injection, and the following rubber ring also has a good seal, this type of design is rare. After thesplit, it was found that the intake adjustment ring on the oil injection ring can be separated separately, and the atomizing bin below does not seem to support splitting, which must be an integrated design.Augvape Intake RTA Exploded View
In fact, the oil injection ring of INTAKE RTA uses a double-layer design, which is also the requirement of the top air intake. The principle of air intake is roughly as follows: after the external airflow enters the interior of the oil injection ring through the two split air inlet holes on the oil injection ring, it will enter the atomization chamber along the outer gap of the internal flue and pass through the electrode base The two wells in the air duct to the base air chamber, and finally through the three air holes on the base to obtain the air flow from the blowout coil Live from the bottom. At the same time, because the RTA is CONTRIBUTED an RTA with an inlet structure above, the design of its base is also very different. The two cylinders are above the air ducts for conveying the air flow. Both sides of the airways are naturally posts electrode thread. The electrode poles only support coils once. The threaded holes are parted also put on and easy lock.
In addition, CONTRIBUTED RTA better control of heat production. Even when the temperature of the smoke is hot, the main body of the spray only reaches the temperature level. It seems that the two air ducts on the base have a good cooling effect.Augvape Intake RTA Specifications
For the RTA with top air intake, INTAKE RTA is the first one I have come into contact with. The starting point of the design should be mainly used to solve the problem of oil leakage from the base. However, through experience, INTAKE RTA’s performance in other aspects is also very outstanding, especially in the analysis of e-liquids is still very satisfactory. It seems that using the air duct to achieve the top air intake design form is a reasonable and reasonable solution. For the impression of the top-heavy disorder that was initially thought, with the increase of contact time, it is still pretty beautiful now that I happen more and more, and this change in impression is because of its good taste performance.

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