Different types of vaporizer pens

Tthat Vape solid needle position in the timeline and sometimes vapeciga recovered by the trend in the industry vapeciga. As an extraordinary form of electronic cigarettes, they began looking for a place in the electronic cigarette industry as a reliable primary electronic cigarette or a match for those who want to avoid the use of all new technologies and complex functions. In general, the vaporizer vaporizer shaped medium ballpoint pen, and this device has been expanded to include more functionality and design, keeping the pen style so that many of us are accustomed. Part of the incorporated battery, as Joyetech Eroll MAC, while others may be filled, as Ijust Eleaf series. They are classified as vaporizer pen, although some people say it’s a pen rather plump, but still the vaporizer pen. With all these new features,

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that Vape solid needle position in the timeline and sometimes vapeciga recovered by the trend in the industry vapeciga. As an extraordinary form of electronic cigarettes, they began looking for a place in the electronic cigarette industry as a reliable primary electronic cigarette or a match for those who want to avoid the use of all new technologies and complex functions. In general, the vaporizer vaporizer shaped medium ballpoint pen, and this device has been expanded to include more functionality and design, keeping the pen style so that many of us are accustomed. Part of the incorporated battery, as Joyetech Eroll MAC, while others may be filled, as Ijust Eleaf series. They are classified as vaporizer pen, although some people say it’s a pen rather plump, but still the vaporizer pen. With all these new features,to”simulated atomization”.LOST VAPE

Another vaporizer pen style is provided a vaporizer system is pen-all in one. vaporizer pen is ideal for beginners and is still used today and is a reliable option for Vape reserves for many users. This feather Vape usually provide some sort of airflow and possible adjustments watts or voltage adjustment, but usually only have the ignition key. Some examples of these devices SMOK Nord AIO or Aspire PockeX. As mentioned above, a variety of foods often use non-removable tank dedicated to providing steam, but the coil is replaced often used to reduce to the minimum the amount of hardware needed to keep the new vaporizer. This eliminates a large amount than usual when vapeciga needed, thus reducing the device itself, the number of cable and coil replacement load. Vape pen simplified arrangement is reliable and cost effective,

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More advanced options vaporizer pen equipped with category are those with a removable battery, and the battery is connected dedicated chipset 510. vaporizer pen types are the bridge between today vapeciga segment versatile selection box and mods available in the market. This example vaporizer pen moved Well nunchaku, MTL freemax ZLIDE Innokin starter kit or kits Twister. This option has a large battery capacity integrated, or use the single external battery 18650, 20700 or 21700 of sufficient energy to provide the fuel tank RDA sub-ohm or 510 is connected via a threaded connection. Many products have been freely adjusted output power or voltage, and provide a screen on the chassis, allowing the user to intuitively determine the output, the remaining and occasional batterymode selection (such as temperature control).smok vape


In addition, the vape pen can go beyond the usual selection of sub-ohm. With the launch monodosis system, technique, any device that has the shape of a pen can be calculated as the vaporizer pen, and some excellent devices (such as Caliburn or Smok Well NFIX) he excelled in this category. discrete function is much less than the weight or the output current vaporizer pen modern, but this system vaporizer pen sheath made Achieving portability and cautious old pen vaporizer while also providing excellent flavor. Monodosis system Vape pen is very popular, only replace the sheath or the coil and the charging cable, and when combined with nicotine salt for more power because they are easy to store in a pocket, purse or backpack, while providing superior nicotine deliveryeffect.Augvape vape

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Vape pen gave birth to most of what we see in vapeciga. Despite the vaporizer pen it is one of the most classic vapeciga forms, are far from obsolete. With the implementation of new technologies and features, pen vaporizer is still a very popular form factor in vapeciga society.

What spraying temperature control?

Even if you are just in the recent vape coil replaced vows if you often cough and bad breath? If that is often your case, maybe it is a bit faster to burn the coil to mature. The most common reason is that the temperature is set incorrectly in the VAPE.

temperature e-cigarette the life limit is an extension of the coil, and it is just the experience to take advantage of e-cigarettes. This is achieved by controlling the evaporation temperature.

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What temperature control spray?
If the device has this function, it can be used for the temperature of the temperature control coil (TC) predefined upper limit. Setting the TC monitor and adjust their own role or simply book the limit of the volume of road after the temperature drops. This may increase so significantly the lifetime of the battery and the life span of the vape coil, and provide a more consistent taste and improved water vapor.

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And temperature control settings
If you’ve never really tried to change the camera, you can set a little scary at first. However, we think it is not bad! The first thing you need to do is find the coil type of metal: nickel, stainless steel or titanium. Your CT apparatus may have a simple, adapted TC coil mode, or it must be set to a specific type of coil. Brief introduction of locking pieces. This is the maximum temperature required to provide basic information on regulator.Jewel tank

Just start spraying with the TC VAPE MOD connected to the surface, and then select the appropriate type of profile to lock the spool and the resistivity recommended by the device manufacturer to room temperature. Finally, set the desired temperature and have fun! We always recommend that you are looking for the best position to start gradually the cold. The ideal temperature to mix PG / VG depends on your personal taste and juice used.intake rta


If you want to improve your experience and try to use electronic cigarettes vapetemperature control Augvape and electronic cigarettes, you will find in our MAG P3 kit! This kit comes in our MAG classic series and is now waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It also features a temperature control mode for ultra-sensitive, a large touch screen 1.9 HD, which is easy to adjust and easy to use. All this can be easily set up and used with CT Toolkit All-in-One. Learn more about our website or visit your nearest authorized dealer, you Smok.LOST VAPE

POD System And How It Works?

The first modern cigarette electronics or vape, invented in the mid-2000s, was first similar to cigarettes. Since then, CIG has been engaged in a variety of DoD VAPE pen kits, which are generally larger and boxed to provide a variety of different styles and functional combinations. Recently, the pod system has emerged from the VAPE industry, and with major manufacturers to expand and improve our products and technology is becoming more and more popular. If vaping is because you are a beginner, you might ask: “What exactly is a pod system?”

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smok vaporizers
What POD system? What does pod mean?
The pod name system moves from the container to hold the eJuice, usually paired with the internal coil is interchangeable. The box is connected to the main body or the battery part of the system to the trigger coil to make the eJuice cabin evaporated. In accordance with ergonomic portability considerations, the pod system can be used in various forms, which are inspired by vape pens or other types of designs. There are mainly two types of system pods, “open” and “closed”. Click for a more complete list of vapeciga.com needs pod systems.

Augvape vape

Vape-closed system has the most popular and recognizable non-filling equipment option will be SMOK. And the same SMOK, Vaper only needs to pre-order the pod, you can hold juice and rolls. Once it becomes empty, and when the switch is closed, the container of the system can be discarded and thrown away. Other popular choices include products from AUGVAPE, Lost VAPE, and VAPE TOP ONE well-known companies.

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Open system pod-full choice of pods. Open the pod system is not pre-filled, but empty packaging. They have a filling port that allows users to fill in juice to suit their taste. In most cases, the top of the pod is filled with a silicone plug or built through some form of mechanism, and it will only be added by removing the empty juice. There are some open systems to facilitate the disassembly and replacement of coils without the need to purchase a replacement car, but buying a set of coils can be replaced, thereby saving additional costs. This will reduce waste and save money.

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Augvape INTAKE RTA Critic

The brand of Augvape gives me the impression that the sense of innovation is relatively strong. Like the VTEC engine red head machine and AUGVAPE Templar (San Qi) RDA, the RDA can always leave a deep impression on players and become a popular product. Recently, they launched Augvape INTAKE RTA again. How it behaves differently from others?
The packaging of RTA PWA continues the packaging style Shengqi GDR. The cylindrical package black background is small in volume and easy to move and carry. The information on the case is simple and clear, and there is a QR code and anti-counterfeiting coating.

Augvape Intake RTA 4.2ml
Product Configuration
1 * Augvape CONTRIBUTED RTA, 1 * 510 adapter, 1 * nozzle replacement, 1 * silo glass right, 1 small key * T * 1 package aprons, in fact, manufacturers in the packaging may put some cotton watermarked and, if necessary, after all, these bases have become the norm.
From the appearance, one can clearly see that the RTA INPUT is different. The upper part of the RTA is obviously greater than the lower PWA. At first sight, it will be a high bit heavy. When connected to the host or mechanical rod, the actual overall vision is found. The effect is good. Because of the solidmaterials, INTAKE RTA still has a lot of weight. Compared with traditional RTA, I personally feel that the contribution RTA is unique in the input structure and the second in the base of the electrode. It is precisely because it uses the upper air intake, so that the shape of the RTA INPUT is also unique.
For the nozzle of intake RTA, it is also an internal nozzle 810 with traditional treatment of inverted cone (another black nozzle is also distributed). To meet the needs of the taste of some players, is also presented an adapter 510. silos rights can also be used, which shows that the appearance of PWA RTA is rich enough. In addition to the slimming treatment on top, a snap-on design was also made, combined with the notch on the oil injection ring for sealing and easy connection of the top cover and ring oil injection, and the following rubber ring also has a good seal, this type of design is rare. After thesplit, it was found that the intake adjustment ring on the oil injection ring can be separated separately, and the atomizing bin below does not seem to support splitting, which must be an integrated design.Augvape Intake RTA Exploded View
In fact, the oil injection ring of INTAKE RTA uses a double-layer design, which is also the requirement of the top air intake. The principle of air intake is roughly as follows: after the external airflow enters the interior of the oil injection ring through the two split air inlet holes on the oil injection ring, it will enter the atomization chamber along the outer gap of the internal flue and pass through the electrode base The two wells in the air duct to the base air chamber, and finally through the three air holes on the base to obtain the air flow from the blowout coil Live from the bottom. At the same time, because the RTA is CONTRIBUTED an RTA with an inlet structure above, the design of its base is also very different. The two cylinders are above the air ducts for conveying the air flow. Both sides of the airways are naturally posts electrode thread. The electrode poles only support coils once. The threaded holes are parted also put on and easy lock.
In addition, CONTRIBUTED RTA better control of heat production. Even when the temperature of the smoke is hot, the main body of the spray only reaches the temperature level. It seems that the two air ducts on the base have a good cooling effect.Augvape Intake RTA Specifications
For the RTA with top air intake, INTAKE RTA is the first one I have come into contact with. The starting point of the design should be mainly used to solve the problem of oil leakage from the base. However, through experience, INTAKE RTA’s performance in other aspects is also very outstanding, especially in the analysis of e-liquids is still very satisfactory. It seems that using the air duct to achieve the top air intake design form is a reasonable and reasonable solution. For the impression of the top-heavy disorder that was initially thought, with the increase of contact time, it is still pretty beautiful now that I happen more and more, and this change in impression is because of its good taste performance.

Chapter of the beginner electronic cigarette – electronic cigarette atomized understanding and taste

1: What is an electronic cigarette? You can e-cigarettes to quit smoking?

The electronic cigarette is a device that uses electricity to short-circuit the resistance wire to generate heat to evaporate the oil smoke to generate smoke. Electronic cigarettes can completely replace cigarette burns. As for quitting, which depends on the habits and needs.

2: Is e-cigarette harmful? It is harmful smoke oil?

According to the materials used in electronic cigarettes and e-liquid separation, e-cigarettes are much healthier and safer than burning cigarettes. After the analysis, in addition to the unknown result of fiber rope entering the body, not found unsafe factors. . The smoke generated by the electronic cigarette is water vapor without any harmful tar and carbon substances so no pollution secondhand smoke, and there is no unpleasant smell (unless the quality of oil smoke it used is not good), or room with air conditioning will be no taste.

3: What is the composition of the e-liquid? How does the electronic cigarette work?

The components of the oil are mostly cigarette glycerol (glycerine), propylene glycol, flavor or fragrance, and nicotine (nicotine). nicotine stays in the body for 4 to 7 hours and then excreted metabolism (urination). The working method of the electronic cigarette is very simple. The resistance wire is wound around the material conduction oil and then supplied to the resistance wire (heating wire) through the battery to short circuit generates heat to evaporate the oil smoke smoke generated.

beginner knowledge electronic cigarette-atomizer, pressure regulator, mechanical rod

1: What is an atomizer? Atomizers How many are there?

The atomizer is the most important part of the electronic cigarette, including the inner core component and heating the liquid compartment smoke, wherein the heating component is a replacement part. Atomizers are roughly divided into three categories: core-changing oil-to type fall, and the self-made type. There is another kind of god level, so I will not introduce much here.

Core replacement type: The main body of the atomizer is a liquid smoke chamber, and the heating component is called a core spray. All the atomizer can work normally by installing the core spray, spray and the core is usually a replaceable part made by the manufacturer. The overall look is more business, more portable.

Oil drop rate: This is an atomizer with heating components made himself. The feature is that the amount of smoke is enormous. It is necessary to open the lid and place the oil in it after a few mouths. No oil tank. It is fine to play, use long-term or forget it. the form and function of short-range.

Self-made type: This type of atomizer is the most practical. The core spray type can also make heating components made himself to repair the atomizer core, but it is hard and difficult to achieve satisfactory results. The advantage of this atomizer is that the smoke is large, the taste is good, and simple core was made. Therefore, this atomizer is deeply loved by users and players. For taste, the effect made according to the capacity and materials of each person is different. This atomizer can be equipped with a variety of battery bar. Whether it’s a mechanical rod or cigarette rod pressure regulating cigarette, you can perfectly show their excellent performance, equal to the goddess can meet the needs of several people! The downside is that it is big and a little more a little heavy, so it is awkward to use and carry around when going out.

2: What is the difference between the regulator and the mechanical lever?

First, let’s understand the structure of the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette is divided into two structures, one rod battery and an atomizer. Among them, the regulation of the pressure rod has a circuit board, while the mechanical rod not belong to any circuit board. The pressure control rod has the function of adjusting the voltage and adjusts the voltage according to the resistance value of the atomizer. Through the function of adjusting the voltage, the user can choose the required amount of smoke and flavor. The cigarette rod is a mechanical type of cigarette rod which can not be adjusted in voltage. Mechanical cigarette rod is usually just a stainless steel tube, which requires the user to purchase a battery suitable for cigarette rod. mechanical rods cigarettes typically use 3.7V lithium batteries, and most models of lithium are 18650 and 18350 individual rods mechanical models cigarettes can use other types of lithium batteries.

This explains the rod pressure regulation generally used polymer batteries. The pressure regulating rod slightly better can use 18650 and 18350 or other types of lithium batteries. The pressure regulating rod is released due to restrictions circuit board. Energy current is approximately 2A to 3.5A and the voltage is approximately 3V to 5V, and the limit of low resistance is generally less than 1 ohm, after which the rod battery does not work. Mechanical rod cigarette is discharged through the lithium battery directly, and the current power is approximately 6A. The power difference between the two is almost half, and mechanical cigarette rod does not limit the minimum resistance. Lithium battery voltage decreases slowly according to the remaining capacity. The voltage in the fully charged state is 4.2 V and the minimum voltage of 2.75V is.

3: What is the special relationship between voltage and power and atomizer?

Through the previous section, we have learned that bars mechanical cigarettes have more power, while the control voltage bars have rich voltage stages.

When we choose, we must determine first place our own needs. Currently, regulation of pressure and machines have their own advantages, but there is one thing that can not be compared, ie the weight. Most bars are relatively heavy mechanical cigarettes and belong to the type of weapon. Most of the pressure regulators pay attention to toilet around the world, which is light and full.

Here is a brief explanation of the relationship between mechanical cigarette rod and the atomizer. The pressure regulation is not much introduced, and any atomizer can be competent. Cigarette rods mechanical atomizers are better suited for self-made and atomizing the oil drop. changing core atomizers are easy to burn ordinary core atomization cigarette rod mechanical energy due to high due to the fixed resistance. The atomizer fact itself can achieve great smoke taste and flavor through the core wire resistance self-made and guide material used oil, while most of the atomizers facts themselves have good guidance effect oil, so the guy made himself in the bar mechanical cigarette the atomizer can exert its powerful performance and atomization structural superiority.

Advanced selection for e-cigarette beginners – Choose the right equipment and oil cigarettes

1: How do I choose a device? What kind of equipment is right for me?

The recommendations are the most difficult problem because you do not know what you need. If you read the instructions in the previous chapter, and must understand their needs. It is very important to choose the appropriate equipment according to their own situation. Novices recommend buying the series of the ego, easy to get started.

2: How many sets of equipment I buy? What kind of computer should I buy?

I do not know how many sets of equipment to buy, but a game is really not enough. It is recommended that the three sets are better. Establish an independent set for pressure regulation and the machine, and reach different teams according to their own needs and occasions. The pressure regulation is light and the machine is heavy.
In addition, some small sticks of cigarettes are indeed very attractive, but small rods of cigarettes sacrificing power and oil, and the need to purchase several pieces of equipment to provide a daily travel use. It is too precious and suitable for users with little or no smoking addiction.

3: What flavor of smoke oil should I use to match my cigarette rod? What concentration of oil smoke should I choose?

One approach is to use 8MG (8 mg) concentration of smoke oil for everyday use. The concentration mg marked oil smoke is the amount of nicotine per ml of liquid smoke. If there is no addiction to smoking or entertainment female friends, you can opt for e-liquid unconcentrated swallowing clouds, and practice Saliva circle. After all, e-liquid is not cheap. There are many flavors of oil cigarettes for people to choose from. Including cigarette smoke has nothing to do with cigarettes. It is simply a synonym. Good smoke oil has a very good taste. Daily use is even more convenient for cigarettes. If you stop smoking Friends can choose fruit flavors, tea flavors or other flavors of food to insist on the use and gradually reduce the concentration. If you feel that you are not satisfied, you can replace the smoke oil to properly update the smoke.

The quality of the cigarette oil should be selected. The market is filled with many brands and smokeless three oils. It is recommended to determine the origin of oil and cigarette manufacturer before buying.vapeciga.com offers the best e-liquid kits.