Combining Technology And Beauty-Lostvape ORION Q-PRO

Brand: Lostvape
Product Name: ORION Lostvape Q-PRO kit
Type: Starter Kit | Vape Kit | Pod Kit
Color: SS / fantasy color, black sea, blue aurora, golden dazzling, rainbow rainbow

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Lostvape ORION Q-PRO-Kit is an improved version of Orion Q pod. Driven by a 950mAh battery, it has a 5-stage output with a maximum of 24W. There are three types of coils available: 0.25ohm & 0.5 ohm 1ohms can meet your different needs. In addition, the ORION Q-PRO-Kit is equipped with a 2 ml ink cartridge and an adjustable upper airflow system to bring a great experience.

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Features of Lostvape ORION Q-PRO Kit 950mAh ➤5
Class power, maximum 24W➤
Three coils are available
➤Adjustable top airflow system
➤Special Dorn-panel design

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