iJoy Captain Review: Resin TC Mod Kit without Battery 200W 6ml

In the picture, we have a Vapeciga IJOY Captain are ensconced in Styrofoam holders and small accessories box containing the manual charging cable, USB micro-and warranty card.


Actually, it seems kit vaporizer increasingly generous, but if you are looking for a larger package, you can always opt for the more expensive version of the kit, which includes the tank and sub-ohms.


iJoy Captain 2 Design and build quality

First Captain PD270 is one of the biggest mods I’ve had, and Captain 2 is very similar to this. Measuring 911mm x 53mm x 33mm, and is mainly composed of an aluminum alloy, plastic insert, imitation leather and silicon, which are joined to create a strong, resistant to impact, and elegant vape mod.


Now, as the first captain of his baggy mainly due to the compatibility of 20,700 batteries, Captain 2 18650 requires but a little thicker and more generally. This is because the new generation of the captain has other ambitions. Your goal is to be “the strongest warrior” and to a degree that is ready to take the vaping experience powerful world, which Aegis GeekVape.


iJoy does not mention any IP standard in the box or in the manual user Captain 2, but pads mod sturdy frame upper and lower silicone, and insulation around the battery door on all dust indexes Mode resistant vape, water and shock. Call it an unofficial competitor Aegis series, but it certainly has a lot to do, given the popularity of the Aegis brand.


I’d be lying if I said I did not see similarity between the captain and two Aegis Legend 200W vaporizer mod. Both have approximately the same top plate 510 and connections, the same style of the battery cover, and even high visibility large screws hold the assembly depicting the legend Aegis Mod.


Two panels imitation leather mods Aegis also remember, because they are known for their beautiful leather inserts, and therefore the silicone cover on top of the micro-USB port. This should prevent dust and water from coming, but it seems a bit too flashy in my opinion. It was too big, in my opinion, but at the least it seems tight enough to really keep the water reaches the charging port.


Captain IJOY Mercury show new has a connection 510 mounted in the center of the spring pin gold plating. The central location and thickness of the device ensures that can be used with sprays of up to 30 mm diameter without false, which is good news, because the captain 2 seems to have been made by a Attys great Aromamizer RDTA such greater V2 .


One of the things I like about my old captain of PD270 was great, firing button with a square, and I’m glad to see iJoy maintains the same design for the new captain of the 2 button is not just large easy to press both the thumb and forefinger, but also squeeze the area, not only the upper or lower half.


Low shutter button and on the opposite side, we have a panel of beautiful faux leather that not only looks good, has little influence too. It is a high quality synthetic leather same we see in the beautiful GeekVape mod X and Aegis VooPoo Argus new GT, so I have a feeling that will support the long term.


Basically, we have the same as the battery cover in Aegis Legend Mod 200W, with a tab locking mechanism style. It was better than the top of the screw-100W battery Aegis, I’d say, but I still have no favorite battery cover. It is easy to open as a door on the list a little tab, but will remain in place needs some pressure. Certainly not a swindler, but mainly because of the need for door strong enough to keep water and dust.


mod 2 plastic rear master IJOY JUPITER Pod click in features such as the design panel false carbon fiber, which is supposed to be a return to the original master PD270. For some reason, these panels are wiped right out of the box, but less has a protective plastic cover can take off. I suggest you keep as long as possible, though, because after his disappearance, there would be nothing to protect the plastic panel.


So far I am very satisfied with the final installment of the series iJoy captain, but I put two batteries and turned on the mod, just to see what are exactly the same as three years ago. When PD270 came out in 2017, it was one of the best screens in the business, but three years is an eternity in this industry, and looks at the screen now horribly outdated.


The screen layout is still very good, and I get more black and white pattern, but the low brightness makes the screen almost impossible to see in certain lighting conditions. And just as the 2017 version, it is no brightness adjustment. The screen certainly a disappointment, and I was surprised that I personally iJoy using three screens.


I’m glad to see that Captain 2 maintains the same overall design that made the great original to the improvements obtained from the serious sustainability. High quality manufacturing PD270 Super mod feels solid in the hand, and the large fire button is the icing on the cake. The only thing I was disappointed by the screen, which is straight out of 2017.


iJoy Captain 2 Menu and features

Captain iJoy PD270 is one of the most advanced in their mods day Vape, and iJoy decided to go with the system exactly the same menus and a number of features in 2020 is proof of this. In fact, the principle was surprised to see the exact same menu, but after browsing through the menu system a bit, I realized how much we have progressed in the last three years.


vaping industry has been regarded as one of the fastest growing, but it is accurate only if we talk about the number of products out to the market every year. In terms of real technological progress, I would say that the industry has been fairly stagnant over the past 5 years. Vapeciga IJOY Shogun is an excellent example.


Some settings preheat mode temperature control, TCR, custom curves, all are available in the PD270 in 2017, and still relevant three years later. Apart from a small menu of outdated design, there are features literally no missing this mod that will make you feel inferior to undermine later.


the same characteristics and means of the menu structure the same chip, and I was a little surprised that iJoy choose to go with the board of 3 years, but there was supposed to be. As I said, there have not been significant technological advances made in the last three years, and adjusted to activate the battery much faster than before, why invest in a new chip if not needed.


For the full menu system, see Captain PD270, but if you want a guide, I can tell you access the menu by pressing the button three times quickly shooting. Then use the + and – keys to scroll through the different modes and options.


There is a power mode which is a normal way of watts with three warm (soft, normal and hard) and the four so-called “user”, which essentially allows you to define your own custom curve watts in 0.5 seconds. Then mode is TC (temperature control) for three supported material (nickel, titanium and stainless steel), and TCR.


As for the setting, not much choice. Captain 2 gives you the ability to set the number of seconds the displays remain lit when the mod is idle, and to reset the counter PUDD. And that’s all there on the menu.


iJoy Captain 2 Performance

First Captain iJoy PD270 is one of my favorite mods of all time. This is one of the few devices that have actually been used for about 6 months or more, enough to paint particles around the battery cover. Anyway, it was a very good mod, and still works to this day, after more than two years stored in a box in the closet.


New IJOY Diamond get code works as well as his brother, in my opinion, which is not surprising considering that both are driven by the same board. Strip faster than the 2017 model, but other than that, it was almost the same as the PD270. Well, not everything, because it has a maximum output power of 180 W, compared to 234W of PD270, for some reason …

Fortunately, there are more iJoy Captain 2. This is not just another double vaporizer mod 18650 which is intended to be a competitor this GeekVape Aegis mods. While not specified by the manufacturer IP rating on the packaging or in the user manual, Captain 2 called the “military class mod”. It’s going to be tough as Aegis? I can not say because I have not tried it, but it certainly feels a lot more solid than most mods advanced market two batteries.


IJOY took the time with a substitution of one of the most popular mods of all vaporizer, and when he finally did, proved to be a re-edited version of the original. Well, at least they try to go a different route, as marketing of quality military vaporizer mod and try to go behind the brand GeekVape Aegis, which so far almost no competition. 2 was the captain erode very Aegis? It is too early to say, but at the least get points for trying.

You can buy here:IJOY  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/ijoy

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