Product Review – The Geekvape Aries Boost Kit

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that can make your e-juice taste better and with a longer shelf life than any other vaporizer on the market today, look no further than the geekvape AEGIS Boost Kit. The product is a high-end vaporizer that features two interchangeable coils, one is a lower wattage version of the original and the other is powered by a triple-coil construction. The dual-coil design allows for an incredible amount of customized taste and vapor production, as the individual coils don’t get clogged up or burned out like they would with low wattage single coil designs. Instead, when the coils are unplugged the vapor is able to travel through the coil system to be distributed evenly throughout the entire heating area.

geekvape aegis boost

With the ability to adjust airflow control to your own personal needs, the geekvape aegis boost features a variable airflow control that allows you to take full advantage of your atomizer’s flavor producing potential while being able to control the amount of vapor produced. The side of the unit features two LED lights that light up when the power is ready, enabling you to see exactly when to replace the batteries. Fully assembled units are also packaged in a carrying case to ensure that your unit is protected from shock and bumps.

An included accessory with this product is the geekvape aegis boost to base. The base is designed to not only fit into the USB-C port of your laptop but also to clip onto the keys of your standard desktop computer. This gives you the freedom to use this product wherever you need it most. The included USB-C port is perfect for charging your battery or other devices.

The geekvape aegis boost utilizes an innovative dual USB-C port to offer charging and data transfer. This port allows you to charge your battery while simultaneously connecting to the computer with the included USB-C cable. Once connected, the included microprocessor and circuit board on the top of the unit allow you to enjoy constant powered up via the included USB-C port. The benefit to this charging method is the ability to use your computer without having to connect to an external power source which eliminates a potential risk of electrical shock. In addition to charging your battery, this kit allows you to use it to turn on your computer as well as monitor any changes that may have occurred during your day.

The built in microprocessor and circuit board on the Aries Boost allows it to run on four of the newest high-performance Aries cells which are capable of outputting up to a whopping 2000mah. This output gives this unit the ability to run on its own for two hours straight if needed. The included Adjustable Top Airflow Control allows you to change the amount of air flow through the fan which can make the difference in vapor management. With a built in, rechargeable Ni-Cd battery, you no longer need to worry about low levels and will never have to worry about running out of juice.

One of the biggest features of this vapor cooler is the adjustable airflow dial which allows you to choose from three different settings which will vary the speed at which the fan speeds up. The ability to regulate the temperature and the speed of the fan is ideal for people who are trying to meditate or focus their mind on a specific task. You will notice the temperature start to rise near the end of a workout when using the Aries Boost. This cooling feature helps to keep your device cool even if overloading is applied to the vaporizer. Two different levels on the adjustable airflow dial allow you to set a comfortable temperature for you and your employees while still allowing the machine to get the job done.

Many of the other great features of the Aries Boost are all located within the exterior of this wonderful electronic device. One such great feature is the included air pump pod which is included in the Aries Boost kit along with the silicon seal. The pump pods help to keep the entire heating chamber clean. Also, the included silicon seal helps to prevent moisture from leaking into the inner chambers where your vaporizer components are located. This prevents your electronic device from getting damaged by the constant contact with moist air.

Another great feature of the Geekvape Aries Boost is that it uses premium quartz components which are guaranteed to last a long time. The outer shell of this device is made of black rubber, which is extremely durable and will not get destroyed easily. The inside of the outer shell is made of the same black rubber but has been laser engraved with your personalized logo. When you place your order for the Aries Boost you also receive one (1) fully functioning pre-installed digital keypad. By plugging in your personal computer, you can program the settings of this unit in accordance with your specific needs. You can also choose to program the boost with your own preferred flavors and fill them with your own customized liquid nicotine if you so desire.