Looking for the best cbd vape juice

Looking for the best cbd vape juice

To vape or otherwise to vape? That appears to be the inquiry on the minds of many individuals with a routine for brightening. Prior to you begin breathing in any kind of old substance in the name of herbal treatment, find out what makes this fad one with a capacity for far better health and wellness, and constantly obtain your information regarding CBD items of any type of kind from a relied on resource.

The FDA warns versus clearly labeling it a “more secure alternative,” though vaping does reveal smokers to less harmful chemicals than cigarette smoking. Even if you’re not trying to change nicotine, there can be plenty of great reasons for you to select vaping among the 10 best CBD vape oils on today’s market.

Vaping is believed to provide CBD to the body a lot more swiftly than other techniques of eating CBD. When eaten via edibles or through tablets or capsules, the CBD takes time to be damaged down as well as soaked up by the body. It also puts it at the mercy of the “initial pass result,” taking some effectiveness out of the mix as the tummy’s acid simplifies – VapeOnline is best vape store.

The beneficial impacts can be felt nearly quickly. Anxiousness or anxiety attack can begin suddenly and also suddenly. If you depend on CBD to bring your emotions pull back to a convenient level, you’ll desire the CBD to reach work rapidly. Vaping is the only method that can get you leads to the minute as opposed to with persistence.

Some Known Details About All About Vape Juice – What’s Inside – Mt Baker Vapor

Nicotine is a recognized danger to the lungs and throat, as well as even smoking cigarettes cannabis features its very own threat of carcinogenic direct exposure (although study suggests that cannabinoids can antagonize malignant cell generation, whereas pure nicotine promotes it). Yet when it concerns CBD vape oils, what are you obtaining out of the mix? Vaping CBD oil can obtain it to your body rapidly and safelywhich sounds like there’s got to be a catch.

CBD hits the receptors as well as reaches function fast, however the effects of vaping CBD oil will certainly subside quicker than eating an edible or taking a capsule. You can! If you’re new to vaping CBD as well as curious about attempting it out, a non reusable vape pen might be a great very first quit.

Provided the present state of our earth, store disposables in small amounts. Disposable vape pens, by nature, can’t be recycled or reused, so they simply become garbage. If you determine you like vaping, attempt to lower the waste you generate with your CBD routine. A happy Earth provides us with healthy hemp.

A big selling factor for vaping CBD is that it gets to work quicklyif it has the potency and also pureness to do the work. Hemplucid’s Vape Tincture/Drip is quality assured and as powerful as you desire it to be. The remove is made with the whole plant, creating a full-spectrum hemp extract.

The Single Strategy To Use For Vape Flavors And Vape Juice: What You Need To Know …

An oil always needs a service provider, and Hemp Lucid makes use of natural vegetable glycerin. The other component is polysorbate 80, a water-soluble material used as an emulsifier. These active ingredients are both taken into consideration typically safe for breathing. VapeOnline is best vape store. This hemp oil is simple and also streamlined. It’s not flavored, and also it does not consist of any unnecessary active ingredients.

The most affordable choice readily available is 150mg of CBD, yet it rises incrementally to 1500mg per 30mL. The Hemp Bombs’ vape oil (or E-liquid, as they like to call it) is available in a insane quantity of tastes. They maintain it sweet so you can enjoy the experience, as well as supply you Mix & Match packages to examine out a couple of.

Propylene glycol is classified by the FDA as usually recognized as risk-free, so you would certainly need rather potent quantities for it to do you any type of actual damage. As for the hemp remove itself, all Hemp Bombs’ vape oils are THC-free – VapeOnline is best vape store. The flavors are a little off the mark from standard, however they cover virtually every little thing to ensure you’ll find something you like.

best vapebest vape


If those audio luring to you, or if you intend to branch off to inspect out among their other exotic as well as interesting tastes, get a Mix & Match package. The range of options, in addition to the top quality and also purity of Hemp Bombs’ items, gives their offering one of the top locations amongst our choices for the 10 ideal CBD vape oils.

All About Vape Juice – What’s Inside – Mt Baker Vapor Can Be Fun For Anyone

best vapebest vape


The CBDfx vape formula uses PG and VG to bring their natural, USA-made hemp essence that has lots of all the needed cannabinoids. If you seem like you require an added boost, even from their 1000mg alternative, obtain a side of terpenes with your acquisition. Heaven Raspberry flavor is their most preferred, for its sweet as well as succulent taste without the tell-tale blue tongue.

The entire collection is made with isolated CBD extract. Test results provided for each effectiveness confirm that the concentration of all various other cannabinoids is so low that it’s undetectable. Choice paralysis when faced with limitless CBD tastes can be a debilitating choice for some. Bananas Foster, Red Dragon, Pia Coladathose are your alternatives when you go shopping the Pure Hemp Botanicals vape juice choices.

They also maintain the miligram opportunities to a relatively easy option. The conventional size is 500mg, which is a rather generous quantity of CBD, and also it always has an optimum of 0. 3% THC. The second formula is a double punch, supplying 1000mg of CBD per container. The hemp essence here is made with natural, Colorado-grown hemp plants that additionally give terpenes.

They have actually axed the addition of PG in their formula, depending only on VG and also polysorbate 80. They also make certain to make clear that their hemp oil isn’t simply CBD. The remove keeps all the integrity of the plant present, providing you cannabinoids as well as terpenes from organically-grown hemp. Lengthy story brief: this CBD oil is full spectrum.

Review about Dovpo Topside : Single 90W Squonk Mod Test Results Are In

The Vapeciga dovpo topside is a dual mod rare 18,650 Squonk, valued at 200 watts with a good black and screen size blank on the front and, as was the case with the battery only Topside, which is designed to be filled from the party top without removing the bottle. It is available in 8 colors, all black on top and bottom.

This mod was sent to me by MyVpro waive the fee, which is currently available at a reduced price.

Price: $ 89.99 (in MyVPro)
Color: Black, silver, bronze, red, blue, purple, gold, green

Batteries: 2 x 18650
Watt range: 5-200 watts
voltage range: 1.0 to 12 volts
Dimensions: 88.5 mm x 54 mm x 42 mm
Resistance ranges from 0.08 3 ohm
Load: 5V / 2A

The contents of the kit
Topside double mod
Squonk kit bottle (10 ml)
accessory bag
micro-USB cable
Battery usage warning card
user’s guide
First impression
Dovpo x TVC double superstructure Squonk Mod
When I came to this mod, it was pretty much what I thought. After reviewing the top of the original, the battery is only twice the original version, which also means a bit bigger. It is a little thicker for extra batteries, but beyond that, they are very similar. It comes with pre-installed firmware update along the way, and does not require an update to open the temperature control and vice versa, as was the case with the original superstructure.

Overall, I liked the design from scratch, since there are not many double-18650 Squonk mods commercially available. The latter only other thing I can think is Smoant Battlestar Squonk, double pulse, dovpo mvv click in drones and of course much more expensive 250C.

construction quality and design
Dovpo x Double TTopside Squonk Mod
The superstructure mod Dovpo is very well built and well designed that it is very easy to hold in hand. It’s big and heavy, but it’s bigger than most mods Squonk dual batteries that use. I do not mind the size and weight of a person, but keep in mind for those who prefer a device that is smaller and lighter. In fact, all mod Squonk dual batteries would be a bit just to be able to sign two batteries and bottles Squonk in it. The shape is very ergonomic and easy to Squonk with the middle finger and ring finger. Squonked can even vaping on it, the design is so great there. I have money and good color. It does not shine, but it’s not a good carpet. It was somewhere between them and shows no signs of wear or chips. filler cap Stripes Squonk has a nice texture to make it easier to unscrew and screw.

No squeaker key at all in this mod. 510 big pin and gave me no problems with atomizers. 510 platform itself may be associated with the atomizer 25 mm without false quite easily with little or replacement. most aerosols covered in the market and should not be a problem unless you want to use a recommended daily dose of 30 mm – which is rare for people to use and just today. the screen is nice and bright 0.96-inch black and white screen that is easy to read. The USB port on the side mod and trigger buttons and dislocation. locking system tray battery is pretty standard background. Although I have a problem with the batteries and leave and do not damage the packaging, it is very difficult to open and close because the system bottles along the way. It should be easier to open and close, in my opinion.

Features and functions

Dovpo x TVC superstructure double dovpo squonk show new

construction quality and design
Dovpo x Double TTopside Squonk Mod
The superstructure mod Dovpo is very well built and well designed that it is very easy to hold in hand. It’s big and heavy, but it’s bigger than most mods Squonk dual batteries that use. I do not mind the size and weight of a person, but keep in mind for those who prefer a device that is smaller and lighter. In fact, all mod Squonk dual batteries would be a bit just to be able to sign two batteries and bottles Squonk in it. The shape is very ergonomic and easy to Squonk with the middle finger and ring finger. Squonked can even vaping on it, the design is so great there. I have money and good color. It does not shine, but it’s not a good carpet. It was somewhere between them and shows no signs of wear or chips. filler cap Stripes Squonk has a nice texture to make it easier to unscrew and screw.

No squeaker key at all in this mod. 510 big pin and gave me no problems with atomizers. 510 platform itself may be associated with the atomizer 25 mm without false quite easily with little or replacement. most aerosols covered in the market and should not be a problem unless you want to use a recommended daily dose of 30 mm – which is rare for people to use and just today. the screen is nice and bright 0.96-inch black and white screen that is easy to read. The USB port on the side mod and trigger buttons and dislocation. locking system tray battery is pretty standard background. Although I have a problem with the batteries and leave and do not damage the packaging, it is very difficult to open and close because the system bottles along the way. It should be easier to open and close, in my opinion.

Features and functions

Squonking it gives me more trouble than the same origin.Vapeciga dovpo basium bottle is good when it is busy, but once you about half without RSS e-liquid on the same level. I had to push all the way and hand Squonk, and it was quite slow. This is unproblematic, but with bottles having a capacity of 10 ml You have about 5 ml squonking right until it begins to be annoying.

power mode performance
Dovpo x double TVC superstructure Squonk Mod
Evidence in this mod made by Sony battery VTC5A. They list the specifications for 200 watts and 12 volts, but there is a lower limit amperage. I hope that the third record because I feel every manufacturer should do. During my tests, achieving the maximum is 232 watts, so accurately assessed and can do little more than 200 registered. I get the limit is 40 amp amplifier, which is at the top of most dual battery mods these days – mostly around 37-40. Construction is 0.12 ohms to 195 watts, so thanks to high performance amplifiers, you can access almost full 200 watts, even with such a low overall resistance.

Only volts with a 0.61 Ohm coil is 11 887, indicating that there is an amplifier circuit, because it must be based on their specifications. I see it as a bonus with a double battery mod because many of them do not have amplification circuit; they are not as important as the mods to a single cell. Really limited by the strength (232 achieved in the basement), which can achieve the full maximum voltage of 12 volts. very good performance there.

The good thing about this mod, never covered me with a limiting amplifier volt or so I’m quite able to get a full watt with all my evidence that resistance from 0.12 to 0.61 ohm. During my tests, the mod has done a great job of not too hot. Even when pushed to its limits, he never had a hot, very impressive. It is more accurate to 0.15 ohms or less and less than 100 watts – beyond which tend to hit high, so I recommend from about 10 watts lower than you normally do to compensate. He fought at all, it is an impressive accumulation of 0.12 ohm. Overall, it is a major player in the power mode.

mode control temperature performance
As I mentioned above, the double is equipped with a firmware update, which means that the TC mode is enabled on the table as it should be. I did all my tests with SS316 wire. For this model we tried six different constructions:

round only a single coil
Single tower double coil
Luxury accumulation two single coil wire
A build luxury double coil wire
all the power is obtained to adjust the height as well and you can change the strength and the use of the shutter button. SS mode, very weak and anemic, so it’s not accurate enough to be used.

So I went to fashion and TCR TCR 130 to rotate sufficient to obtain precisely where dovpo nickel get code heated to about 450 F. However, this does not mean it’s good. Still chokes the way back too hard to give a good vaporizer and little inconsistent in performance;

I had to adjust the strength of each of the multiple aspirations to achieve the same breath he just received. Unfortunately, so far, I have never used a TC mod Squonk no DNA double battery is good, and twice did not change that. Nothing is worse than the other choice is affordable but unfortunately mod recommend using CT.

pros and cons
Good build quality
Many colors (8 in total)
Good paint job
unique design
Both high filling system
nothing beats button
the operating mode of good energy
Large buttons and fire Clicky
Watt accurately assess
Great amp limit
Volt to accurately assess
Having a control circuit
big, black screen and bright
Handle 25 mm without overhang atomizers
Easy to use menu system
No selection mode or watt thermal curve
performance temperature control is not good
Without Squonk and half-empty bottle
the battery cover is difficult to open and close

Overall, Dovpo did a good job with this mod. They have the habit of most mods, because nobody is perfect, but it was a good performance in the power mode, and I feel very good with the drive circuit. as well as innovative filling method works well and allows filling faster and less complicated to me.

This mod is not fancy and is great great and small could make some. But if you do not use temperature control and do not mind the size, this model is a good choice, but no more than two or solid Squonk 18650 Other mods available in the market.

What do you think top Ganda? Please let me know in the comments.

You can buy here:dovpo  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/dovpo

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Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus Reviews

Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA 8ml / 16ml 30mm

Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA, compatible with a 6mm chimney reducer and expandable to 16ml, perfectly makes up for the deficiency of poor Liquid capacity in the traditional RDTA series. Scan widely, the bottom airflow system consists of more than 3 stomatal modules varying in the air hole quantity and affected area, conducive to quickly adapt to this unfamiliar atomizer by customizing your favored strength of the taste and amount of the vapor. 2 types of kit and 3 colors optional.

Main Feathers:
1. Max 16ml juice capacity, super-sufficient for a continuous vaping with extra-long endurance
2. Modified adjustable bottom airflow system with 3 stomatal modules on the AFC ring, easier to fit your taste preference accurately
3. Upgraded juice flow control, keep the device on standby
4. Postless deck, simplify the assembly and disassembly of the coil
5. Mesh deck, better to balance the heating and smoothen the flavor

Brand: Steam Crave
Model: Aromamizer Plus V2
Juice Capacity: 8ml ( Basic kit ) / 16ml ( Advanced kit )
Drip Tip: 810
Diameter: 30mm
Product Size: 3 x 3 x 7.72cm
Package Size: 11 x 8 x 7cm
Product Weight: 0.08kg
Package Weight: 0.2kg

Package Contents:
Basic Kit
1 x Aromamizer Plus RDTA, 1 x Spare 8ml Glass Tank, 1 x Spare Part Bag of O-ring & Grub Screw, 1 x Allen Key, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Steamcrave Sticker

Advanced Kit
1 x Aromamizer Plus RDTA, 1 x Spare 8ml Glass Tank, 1 x 8ml Metal Extension Tank, 2 x 6mm Chimney Reducer for Glass Tank Section and Metal Tank Section, 1 x Mesh Deck Kit, 1 x Spare Part Bag of O-ring & Grub Screw, 1 x Allen Key, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Steamcrave Sticker

Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA 30mm 3 Colors OptionalSteam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA 30mm Airflow SystemSteam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA 30mm AFC RingUpgraded Juice Flow ControlSteam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA 30mm Coil Deck DetailsSteam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA 30mm Coil Deck Display6mm Chimney Reducer8ml Metal ExtensionPerfect Match With Hadron 220The Basic Kit IncludeThe Advanced Kit Include

Comment about smok vape atomizer nord rpm80 pods mag mod trinity coils nfix kit

Vapeciga smok nord coils compact, resistant to dust and water 40W. But this sheath durable and elegant done enough? Is this a good vaporizer? Let deepen this test and find out.

The Smok In the same way, the envelope of 40W compact device / AIO with a sleek design. While such dust and water resistant, perfect for work and vacation. But quite a 1600 mAh internal battery? How to vape? All were investigated Smok like this review and find out.

The contents of the box
Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see Smok supplied with the same kit.

The same standard packaging Smok
1x Smok similar devices
smok like Pod 1x 5.5 ml (2 ml TPD)
1x RPM 0.4Ω Coil Mesh – 25W
1x RPM coil 0.8Ω DC – 16W
1x Micro USB Type B
1x user manual
At the same time as in Smok Packing Photo
The front of the package has identical color photo options Smok wound closed. In addition, there was a splash of water to describe housing IPX7 rating used in the device. In addition to the main features exposed as icons and text. While the side is the auditor of authenticity, save the contents of the box functions, regular health warnings and logos according to the government.

Go ahead and remove the outer shell and the housing cover reveal the user manual, which Smok similar devices with pre-mounted pods, while the USB cable reels and sit together.

Undoubtedly smok rpm80 pro replacement pods show new seen not only good, but also very intelligent. While the model is largely rubber-coated happen. using wire stitching match the color of the mod. Moreover, the rest of the modifier is coated with a smooth rubber coating, which is part of tightness to water and dust.

Especially in hand as Smok feels very sturdy and especially weight 134g. Therefore, it is similar to the well-balanced and pleasant to the touch. Moreover, fast shutter button to respond and seemed perfectly placed for thumb or finger to shoot. Even though the keys are small and very close together, they are still easy to use. However, people with the thumb and fingers can fight a giant.

Figure vent seal the USB port and battery in a similar Smok.
While I like the USB ports are placed at the base of the device. However, because the test is identical Smok intrusion and size, I can not imagine there are many options. Although deep into the side of the rubber seal plug USB battery.

Without a doubt screen of 0.96 “TFT is not strong or bright make an appearance in the difficult days without cover in hand. On the other hand, while the provision could be read to little for people with vision difficulties. In addition, and the element of personal preference , advanced display a different color theme continues to distract the subject of the selected color.

As it expected smok mag mod get code trained and formed own PCTG. Other filling holes are a good size with marks rotating seal easy filling. However, after having been in a robust yet a mod, the liquid level and is no longer visible.

A point of note, Smok similar vessels with a single pod RPM. But North version is available separately for those with a tendency to North coils.

Basic dimensions to the top of the device without similar support Smok 77mm high and 88.3mm range drops by. In addition it has a width of 23.4 mm and 43.2 mm deep from front to back.

At the moment it does not give very similar sound Smok has adjusted Watts vaping style, flaky and cons theme color change.

In addition to the supply voltage Smok similar size 5 Click the shutter button. Despite the delayed start to the logo animation. But 3 Click the shutter button to lock the adjustment watt. While holding the shutter button at the same time and clean the table and puffing. In addition to keeping the shutter button and move along the theme of colors available.

VW – Watt Variable
Watts set may be limited to allow fine adjustment of the vaporizer experience. Especially Smok In the same way, the control keys allow a gradual adjustment of 1W. Perfect for a good balance power output coil and personal preferences

battery usage
Smok like load photo show
Although similar smok 1600 mAh internal battery, the battery in the economy, the same, especially when MTL vaping. Moreover, even 20W vaping same box can still be used with a battery of 3%. Despite reduced yields slowly under 25%. But when the network 0.4Ω used coil expect battery life to last about two sheaths 5.5 ml refill and restock when used three double coil 0.8Ω.

In addition, when charging the cost of the remaining time shown is always nice to see. When testing accurate filling level similar to the level vapeciga smok trinity alpha coils announced 5V 1.1A load.

Smok similar exhibition photo pod filling holes and joints RPM.
Perhaps super easy as filling pod Smok, with good hole filling sizes and joints into the street. And with careful use, a large bottle can be used.

But once established Smok By the same token, the pods and the degree of overlap and e-liquid is not visible. Therefore, to avoid dry to touch, you must remove the car regularly. Although this is not as bad as coil sheath and MTL 5.5 ml. It soon becomes tedious when Smok similar use vape DTL and more imaginative with TPD sheath 2 ml capacity.

Photographs airflow holes Smok Alike
Despite the lack of air flow also settled in Smok, provide air flow vape DTL bit limited. Although the air flow could still be a little too well lit for those who like to play their tie tight when MTL vaping. But it took the front and rear pods, air flow produces a quiet, smooth vaporizer without turbulence.

spool replacement
A substitute one coil is nice and easy to treat Smok identical. not, however, replaced by a silent coil and the remaining liquid. But replacing and priming of the coil is a case of taking the old rolls. Followed by the initiation of a new coil with a few drops of e-liquid two coils and down the chimney at each port of discharge. The place next to the station and the coil-like filling. The important thing is let stand for 10-15 minutes to saturate the coil.

One point to note, as part of the testing process, leaving the sheath that contains fluid and support for at least 24 hours. Therefore, there is no leakage or coil sheath, which is good to see.

Coil RPM 0.4Ω nets – 25W

0.4Ω mesh coil undoubtedly underestimated Smok RPM. In addition to recommended power 25W, tasting the production of a small washing. But your power punches to 30-35 W and overall more reasonable. In addition, the coil generally provide a good representation of most fruits. But the struggle to implement meringues. However custards 16W a very good start. While the spool shaft RPM Mesh 70VG 0.4Ω can be happy. But the flavor down when the chain vaping.

Although there is no mention of the chipset or offered protection. calls, however in the display section in the manual is the detail that offers protection smok nfix kit cliclk in.

low battery (voltage protection) – the battery block-level has dropped to the point of no return.
Ohm too low – cut Security.
Ohm is too high – security court.
PCBA too hot – high temperature protection, better protection of the electronic card and battery.
Timeout 8s – Protects against accidental firing continued.
Interestingly, there is no protection reported for USB. However, it would be reasonable to assume that there is some level of protection.

Smok similar specifications
Dimensions 23.4 mm (L) x 43.2 mm (D) x 77mm (H) (blunt dropwise)
1W output power range – 40 W
0.5 Output voltage – 4V (not selected)
battery type and an internal volume of 1600 mAh
Mod frame material – Lugs zinc alloy – PCTG
Resistance range 0.2 – 2.5Ω
Weight 134g
but S
Unfortunately, it can not see the e-liquid will always be the specter of a. Especially when DTL Smok use similar vaping. Therefore, remove the gloves often necessary to ensure the level of e-I secure enough liquid. Both the lack of air flow and tighten the set limit draw identical flavor produced by Smok. Especially for those who like very strict attractive Smok can not be identical to your liking. But the rubber seal is only inserted into one of the holes in the air stream that helps, and it is unfortunate that it was not provided.

You can buy here:smok vape atomizer  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/smok

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iJoy Captain Review: Resin TC Mod Kit without Battery 200W 6ml

In the picture, we have a Vapeciga IJOY Captain are ensconced in Styrofoam holders and small accessories box containing the manual charging cable, USB micro-and warranty card.


Actually, it seems kit vaporizer increasingly generous, but if you are looking for a larger package, you can always opt for the more expensive version of the kit, which includes the tank and sub-ohms.


iJoy Captain 2 Design and build quality

First Captain PD270 is one of the biggest mods I’ve had, and Captain 2 is very similar to this. Measuring 911mm x 53mm x 33mm, and is mainly composed of an aluminum alloy, plastic insert, imitation leather and silicon, which are joined to create a strong, resistant to impact, and elegant vape mod.


Now, as the first captain of his baggy mainly due to the compatibility of 20,700 batteries, Captain 2 18650 requires but a little thicker and more generally. This is because the new generation of the captain has other ambitions. Your goal is to be “the strongest warrior” and to a degree that is ready to take the vaping experience powerful world, which Aegis GeekVape.


iJoy does not mention any IP standard in the box or in the manual user Captain 2, but pads mod sturdy frame upper and lower silicone, and insulation around the battery door on all dust indexes Mode resistant vape, water and shock. Call it an unofficial competitor Aegis series, but it certainly has a lot to do, given the popularity of the Aegis brand.


I’d be lying if I said I did not see similarity between the captain and two Aegis Legend 200W vaporizer mod. Both have approximately the same top plate 510 and connections, the same style of the battery cover, and even high visibility large screws hold the assembly depicting the legend Aegis Mod.


Two panels imitation leather mods Aegis also remember, because they are known for their beautiful leather inserts, and therefore the silicone cover on top of the micro-USB port. This should prevent dust and water from coming, but it seems a bit too flashy in my opinion. It was too big, in my opinion, but at the least it seems tight enough to really keep the water reaches the charging port.


Captain IJOY Mercury show new has a connection 510 mounted in the center of the spring pin gold plating. The central location and thickness of the device ensures that can be used with sprays of up to 30 mm diameter without false, which is good news, because the captain 2 seems to have been made by a Attys great Aromamizer RDTA such greater V2 .


One of the things I like about my old captain of PD270 was great, firing button with a square, and I’m glad to see iJoy maintains the same design for the new captain of the 2 button is not just large easy to press both the thumb and forefinger, but also squeeze the area, not only the upper or lower half.


Low shutter button and on the opposite side, we have a panel of beautiful faux leather that not only looks good, has little influence too. It is a high quality synthetic leather same we see in the beautiful GeekVape mod X and Aegis VooPoo Argus new GT, so I have a feeling that will support the long term.


Basically, we have the same as the battery cover in Aegis Legend Mod 200W, with a tab locking mechanism style. It was better than the top of the screw-100W battery Aegis, I’d say, but I still have no favorite battery cover. It is easy to open as a door on the list a little tab, but will remain in place needs some pressure. Certainly not a swindler, but mainly because of the need for door strong enough to keep water and dust.


mod 2 plastic rear master IJOY JUPITER Pod click in features such as the design panel false carbon fiber, which is supposed to be a return to the original master PD270. For some reason, these panels are wiped right out of the box, but less has a protective plastic cover can take off. I suggest you keep as long as possible, though, because after his disappearance, there would be nothing to protect the plastic panel.


So far I am very satisfied with the final installment of the series iJoy captain, but I put two batteries and turned on the mod, just to see what are exactly the same as three years ago. When PD270 came out in 2017, it was one of the best screens in the business, but three years is an eternity in this industry, and looks at the screen now horribly outdated.


The screen layout is still very good, and I get more black and white pattern, but the low brightness makes the screen almost impossible to see in certain lighting conditions. And just as the 2017 version, it is no brightness adjustment. The screen certainly a disappointment, and I was surprised that I personally iJoy using three screens.


I’m glad to see that Captain 2 maintains the same overall design that made the great original to the improvements obtained from the serious sustainability. High quality manufacturing PD270 Super mod feels solid in the hand, and the large fire button is the icing on the cake. The only thing I was disappointed by the screen, which is straight out of 2017.


iJoy Captain 2 Menu and features

Captain iJoy PD270 is one of the most advanced in their mods day Vape, and iJoy decided to go with the system exactly the same menus and a number of features in 2020 is proof of this. In fact, the principle was surprised to see the exact same menu, but after browsing through the menu system a bit, I realized how much we have progressed in the last three years.


vaping industry has been regarded as one of the fastest growing, but it is accurate only if we talk about the number of products out to the market every year. In terms of real technological progress, I would say that the industry has been fairly stagnant over the past 5 years. Vapeciga IJOY Shogun is an excellent example.


Some settings preheat mode temperature control, TCR, custom curves, all are available in the PD270 in 2017, and still relevant three years later. Apart from a small menu of outdated design, there are features literally no missing this mod that will make you feel inferior to undermine later.


the same characteristics and means of the menu structure the same chip, and I was a little surprised that iJoy choose to go with the board of 3 years, but there was supposed to be. As I said, there have not been significant technological advances made in the last three years, and adjusted to activate the battery much faster than before, why invest in a new chip if not needed.


For the full menu system, see Captain PD270, but if you want a guide, I can tell you access the menu by pressing the button three times quickly shooting. Then use the + and – keys to scroll through the different modes and options.


There is a power mode which is a normal way of watts with three warm (soft, normal and hard) and the four so-called “user”, which essentially allows you to define your own custom curve watts in 0.5 seconds. Then mode is TC (temperature control) for three supported material (nickel, titanium and stainless steel), and TCR.


As for the setting, not much choice. Captain 2 gives you the ability to set the number of seconds the displays remain lit when the mod is idle, and to reset the counter PUDD. And that’s all there on the menu.


iJoy Captain 2 Performance

First Captain iJoy PD270 is one of my favorite mods of all time. This is one of the few devices that have actually been used for about 6 months or more, enough to paint particles around the battery cover. Anyway, it was a very good mod, and still works to this day, after more than two years stored in a box in the closet.


New IJOY Diamond get code works as well as his brother, in my opinion, which is not surprising considering that both are driven by the same board. Strip faster than the 2017 model, but other than that, it was almost the same as the PD270. Well, not everything, because it has a maximum output power of 180 W, compared to 234W of PD270, for some reason …

Fortunately, there are more iJoy Captain 2. This is not just another double vaporizer mod 18650 which is intended to be a competitor this GeekVape Aegis mods. While not specified by the manufacturer IP rating on the packaging or in the user manual, Captain 2 called the “military class mod”. It’s going to be tough as Aegis? I can not say because I have not tried it, but it certainly feels a lot more solid than most mods advanced market two batteries.


IJOY took the time with a substitution of one of the most popular mods of all vaporizer, and when he finally did, proved to be a re-edited version of the original. Well, at least they try to go a different route, as marketing of quality military vaporizer mod and try to go behind the brand GeekVape Aegis, which so far almost no competition. 2 was the captain erode very Aegis? It is too early to say, but at the least get points for trying.

You can buy here:IJOY  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/ijoy

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Review of Captain IJOY Pod mercury jupiter Vape shogun Diamond Bae

Vapeciga Captain IJOY is the latest IJOY mod, and if it is for you depends on what the you’e search – as I will explain. 20700 double this device gets its name from the design of the front and rear plates that stand out and form a diamond mod it. Looks great.

Diamond has all the standard features of the chip IJOY IWEPAL, including temperature control, the adjustable heating (with the addition of a second installation for three seconds), the temperature control for the SS, Ni and Ti wire, and two TCR memory. Most colors are often considered a gold mirror, mirror and matte blue rose.

This package includes a deposit subholdings IJOY ohms. Because this is not a new model, and discussed Vaping360, I can not describe in this review the captain’s report.

Price: $ 59.95

Color: matt black, matt pink, matt red, matt green, blue mirror, mirror purple, rainbow sky mirror, bronze mirror, silver mirror, mirror gold, champagne gold.

diamond specifications and features IJOY PD270
Kit contents
IJOY box mod diamond PD270 234W
X3 IJOY master ohm subtank
810 points Delrin Drip
510 advanced adapters drip
X3-C1 0.4 ohm head coils
X3-C2 0.3 ohm coil head
the glass container section
a portion of the package
18,650 insertions
Ccble Micro USB fast charging
users Guide
Card Warning

Maximum power: 234 W
Size: 92 mm x 49 mm x 34.5 mm
Ni / Ti / control temperature SS
TCR function
Custom single user mode
resistance range: 0.05 to 3.0 ohm
USB load carrier
upgradeable firmware
The first impression and characteristics
I was very impressed with a solid atmosphere. It is a bit heavy, but not too heavy, and feels very well built. No larger than most two-18650 mods. door suitable magnetic plates on large battery without play is used. Position to take the door today in the lower right corner of the door itself, as Vaporesso Avenger series.

Pod IJOY mercury show new using 510 centered and mod that is large enough to easily accommodate the atomizer 30 mm with the replacement part. 33,5 mm max claim as any overhang. Overall, a good start.

the fashion watt performance
Testing the output power IJOY-diamond [Table]
I tested the model using an oscilloscope to determine accurately assess the accuracy of the model itself, and how to perform regularly. In this mod, I tried to use IJOY 20,700 feet five batteries.

I found it very accurate model. This is usually a few watts arrangement shows. the output is always smooth and even. mod ever made hot or very hot during the stress test.

Testing the output power IJOY-diamond [Table]
Diamond IJOY PD270 is also equipped with a brightness control soft, normal, hard and personalized (six settings 0.5 seconds each). Watt mode, see the heat “normal” will shine acts more like a “hard”, so that the model may feel was more affected than it really is. I have seen some changes that do, giving the illusion that rapid fire. Therefore, there is no visible delay in fire in this mod.

Vapeciga Pod IJOY jupiter is listed as having a maximum power of 234 watts. They do not list volt ampere maximum performance. My results show the power output is pretty much achieve both announced and reached the maximum at 232 – more than enough close enough to consider that it has been accurately evaluated. Surprisingly, it has the highest output coil with 0.11 ohms while most dual mods maximum battery between 0.15 and 0.20 ohms.

0.15 ohm, I can get 215 watts. I get the maximum output voltage is 6732 to 0.51 ohm coils, which is right in line with most mods dual battery with a boost circuit like this, but some have gone down with her usual with Sony batteries VTC5a during testing, it may be because of the collapse of larger batteries in Ma 20700. battery output of the amplifier 46 step higher than the average for duplicate batteries. Today, the average is 40.

performance temperature control
Using wire SS SS316 with standard mode and the mode is set to 00 092 TCR, I have tested four rolls of construction area child round singles and doubles dual coil for single helical filaments and several binding.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. It does not work. Even go as low as 320 F dry diamond produced successful yet. Sometimes almost it fires, but most never interrupted. My test revealed a disk fails in the Vape IJOY shogun click in.Other features and usage information
10 sprays used in this mod smoothly. I am also interested in the 510 and shake and see problems or decreased performance. vaporizer mod has some buttons I make noise with up and down keys, but the keys to a strong fire without crackling.
Fire and clicky button, and have the same diamond like design mod. It was a very nice touch. The screen is big and bright – but because it was covered with a plastic exterior colors, looks weaker than it really is. Even during normal use, the screen is low. I hope colorless plastic.
the screen is filled with all the information you want, including strength, power settings, temperature settings, amps, volts output, puff count, mode, heat setting, and breathe timer. And it has a battery monitor people.
Standard rear magnet plate battery door and locked without gaps. battery tray is easy to get a battery input and output and does not cause damage to the envelope. It comes with an adapter so you can use the 18650 and 20700.

USB IJOY Diamond Bae get code as a list of features, but does not specify the level of costs. I have not tried, because not recommend charging the internal battery too.How? ‘Or’ What
Power works accurate performance
the afterburner options work well
Easy to use menu system
Design and aesthetics are of high quality
Color options are many
510 good centering pin 30 mm atomizers
large fire button
setting TCR
I do not like
Temperature control does not work
to display the black screen
the doorbell
These ordinary heat as the heat lasts
Diamond IJOY PD270 is a good model really depends on what you want from him. If you want a good temperature control mod, it’s not. Advanced User Mode that does not care about temperature control, which IJOY diamond PD270 is a great player with a good selection of heat. It’s yours!

You can buy here:IJOY  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/ijoy

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SMOK Nord Pod review:Impeccable assembly and successful surface treatment

The vapeciga smok nord is one of the newest famous manufacturer vaporizer Smok Pod kit. They have existed for long in the vaping and perhaps currently most popular manufacturers out there, despite not being loved in the community. I have a ton of their product, but above all, I think there’s quite normal things. This is the first review of its systems sheath and form what I’ve heard they do a good enough pod now I can see for themselves if it’s true or not. North is a rectangular style AIO Pod 2 sets, such as wind or Innokin EQ with snow peas and rechargeable 1100mAh battery and press the fire button. It is available in six colors black, gold, rainbow, red, green and white / black. 27.95 Elementvape have them in all colors in stock if good price. spare coils are reasonably priced as 12.95 to 15.95 5 packets and pods replacement only 5.95 and comes with two coils for the price and is very good for replacing the coil and sheath.


Specifications of the manufacturer:

Size – 94 mm by 30 mm by 18.8mm

Weight – 80g

integrated 1100mAh battery

Watt Output Range: 10-15W

Input voltage: 3.3-4.2V

Load Current: 370mA

Based on output voltage direct

the firing mechanism on the button

Battery indicator LED light

Cobra plated Panel – exquisite design

Juice of 3 ml capacity – can be filled Pod System

Substituted with coil springs

North 0.6ohm coils mesh – Optimized for sub-ohm Experience

Regular 1.4ohm coils north – Optimized for MTL experience

1.0ohm coils north ceramic – sold separately

Air Pod managed by the system

Ergonomically curved nozzle

8 seconds cut protection

Short protection -Circuit

Low voltage warning

port micro USB charging system

Access loving owner

Available in solid black, prism rainbow, prism gold bottle with gold, red, white, black

Included in the box:

1 NORTH system Pod

1 0.6ohm North mesh Coils

1 1.4ohm regular North Coils

Micro USB cable 1

Training Manual 1

coil highlights

North 0.6ohm mesh Coils

Regular 1.4ohm coils of the North

North 1.4ohm ceramic coils


Summary kit

The smok fetch click in is a rectangular style AIO (all in one) kit pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and coils replaced in the basket, at the same as the wind or 2 aspire Nautilus AIO. It is a fairly small, all things considered from the second air and Nautilus Innokin AIO and EQ in size and shape. There was no air in the device will be cold, but not a big problem, because most do not have an option to that. It has a capacity of 3 ml. Registered in 1100mAh battery pretty good size depending on the size of the device itself and the increased capacity of the sheath system I’ve seen. No complains. It has a built-in list that load limit .37A USB charger. I tried four times with a different USB line 2m in costs remained stable around 0.46 .5A is really underrated by Smok. 1A load is always fun, especially depending on the size of the battery, but at the least are not too low and totally sold. It must have been registered in .5A charge. 4 Size battery test results have wise 1143 mAh, therefore 1038mah and a good grade on your batteries as well. It costs about 2.5 hours a load of 1A will make it much faster. is formed not exaggerated list of what everything looked so good ranking. Gateway also has a great vaping. by advanced drip it belongs and is part of the vehicle itself. construction of the Northern and excellent feels solid and weighs nephew. You can see from the photos how thick frame. In a beautiful and well built for her. This color is also very good. I, fortunately, my favorite color is deep green with good looks transparent dye layer. Smok has really stepped up your paint job since the issue of alien species uncertain. The front and in snakeskin design in green panels has golden highlights and a little gloss finish. Actually, this reminds me of a paint job I chose one of my custom mods if done really well.


The sheath itself is easy to complete. It comes with a pressure capsule and a separate pop pop coil through the O-ring (unthreaded). Pods attached to the battery clip into the system and easy to get in and out and adjust so there is a very good job and fit well with any movement or play. To fill standard rubber stoppered, removed filler and fill a large hollow enough to be used with a bottle of fine tip easily. rubber stopper, even for me and my nails are not easy to remove the lower pontoon on the handle locks. I also doubt that it was intentional, but it is a happy coincidence, but the plug was also dubbed in the sidecar when filled so completely out of the way which is nice.


The usage is quite simple. It is a simple device fire button with a single button and there is no way or anything. You can click five times the light on and off. It occurs directly, but you will not see much of a fall to very low. There is a small but easy to see LED on the shutter button. This white when smok rpm40 show new. To check the battery level shots that fire three times. Green means that 70% or more, which means 30-70% of half an orange and red below 30%. Was also cut out the window and colorless pods so it is easy to see the level of juice to get really low, then you need to see if the juice at the bottom or pop the sheath and the screen again. Juice bottom window would be nice, but not a big problem.


performance and details of the coil

Vapeciga smok mag p3 The kit comes with two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods, so happy they did because many of them do not look. Unsheathed reserve, but you can be purchased separately if you want if you want to carry a spare. There are 3 amounts of coil option. A “mesh” 0.6 ohm, 1.4 ohm cotton (inclusive) and 1.4 ohms ceramic (not included). Mesh, but not really mesh and does not correspond to their image, but more of a honeycomb design, you can see that on my album. colored pods are also not so easy levels of juice and juice cuts on the battery as well. Very well done there are many System monodosis not get this right. As for the performance by using the two coils in the kit. I use all 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. I started with a 0.6 mesh coil and is pleasant limit vape DTL. I also VAPE 20 mg of salt nic problem not, but 30 perhaps too much power. The taste was very good and lasts 30 ml of juice is usually a good reel. Can I use 1.4 ohms. The vaporizer over MTL lose and have a good sense also, and perhaps the choice of coils used for most high MG juice. I met with 21 ml if the coil without problems either. Therefore, good taste and good living too. I usually look for about 10 ml per device coil and the second coil sheath and very flavors that are “level” as one of the best I’ve used for the pod system. The pricing structure is also very cheap at about $ 3 a coil replacement and sheaths essentially free replacement, as they come with two coils and cost $ 6 to free pod with the purchase of two coils so well, there are many replacement pods are usually in the range of $ 05.06



colors (six in total)

3 ml of high capacity

Largest in construction quality battery

Simple beauty

paint a very good job

small size for easy portability

vaping gateway

accurate estimates for the size of the battery and charging speed (load speed slightly underestimated)

a great taste for monodosis System

pods are easy to remove and install such coil

level of juice is easy to see in very low

good battery meter is easy to see

living large coil

equipped with two coils

pod filling easy

Battery very large

colorless pods

the price point for the device and the coil

Selecting coil (3 options)


the level of juice a little hard to see when it’s really low without removing

You must be charged 1A


So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like so hard or not, but it’s pretty heavy leaning toward him for me. The smok rpm 40 get code has a lot of things that other pod systems do not. Very easy to use, simple, easy to fill, small and portable, and most importantly a very good performance. It is one of the best pod system that has been used to date in all areas. Only real improvements that I would like to see is a small window cut-down juice and cost level slightly faster. Quality wise also feels “premium” as built very well compared to other pods. I join the CER associated spreadsheet below.


It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.




Voopoo Drag 2 Vinci Too Drag PNP review

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 is the latest popular Vape Voopoo producers do not really need much of an introduction. The most popular of its appeal mod is still popular today, almost two years after its launch, voopoo did some good mods, but are now trying to make a couple of sprays too. This is the fourth German Democratic Republic so far and they have reviewed so far as large rune. Périclès is a double coil DTL RDA RDA Squonk spindle included. It is available in 10 color combinations. The five main colors are black, silver, rainbow, blue and gold, but some have a few finishing options, such as silver, with part of the rainbow. Elementvape them entered into dollars and 23,95 are few places in the range of $ 25-28 with lots of variety and very affordable.


Manufacturer specifications

24.2mm diameter

Juice away 6mm now

in the upper stainless steel construction

Dome top cover design – better taste

Two poles intuitive build the bridge

USER-design-Clamp Style

The opening of Terminal tablet – 3 mm

Top-guaranteed flathead

PEEK insulator

single or double coil configuration

The external air flow dual control – 10 mm by 2 mm

Four internal air tubes – 3 mm diameter

810 Diameter 10 mm wide tip resin dropwise

510 tip adapter drip

Squonk BF 510 Pin

Gold plating 510 Log

Available in stainless steel or black

Included in the box:

1 Périclès RDA

1510 tip adapter resin drip

Flathead screwdriver 1

1 hex wrench

1 Pad organic cotton

Prefabricated Coils 2

Pin 510 1 Squonk BF

1 Parts bag

1 User’s Manual




first impressions

When Voopoo Vinci show new was very impressed by the design. As I pretty much sums up this criticism and call it a day. This is nothing new or innovative, but had one of the best build a platform that is equal to the cheetah stand 2 RDA are also used in Bonza and is associated with one of the best air flow in the direction of the airflow one RDA Kennedy. That is, how can you go wrong with that combination? Of course, it was not innovative, but I have not seen the two paired before and it was a great companion if so overall quite impressed from the start.


Build bridges and capillarity (photos above)

Let us now build a platform. There is a hole two positions 1 and clamp the platform after winding. This design is very nice that works well so kudos to whoever came up with it. It was first seen in the Cheetah 2 RDA and make it more popular among the Bonza RDA. Unscrew the clamping screw to create drop down to a set of slides takes you uphill and tighten the back to tighten the clamp on the pole. Other holes of each post is a bore with a screw cap is more than sufficient to accommodate larger rollers. Each cable has its own hole or grippers and can install each coil itself. The amounts of the screws flathead screws are of good quality. No complains. a set of platforms that are easier to build on that great work with the rounded cable and fantasy.


At the evacuation it was quite easy. This is not simply drop RDA luxury.



As for performance, I use it as a double coil RDA, you can run a single coil if you like a double coil RDA but not block and you can not close an air side, so I do not know why everyone. I ran 4 3 mm ID luxurious building, luxury building ID 3.5 mm, building luxury 4 mm ID and a simple structure ID 4mm round. By size, I think it works well with all sizes and wrap people can fit comfortably in it. This is undoubtedly the coil is large and has a lot of air. Even with the large circular building too. very good taste and a double coil RDA better even with a single round wire. In general, a very good double coil Voopoo Too click in.


general impressions, details and extras

Let’s talk about current air flow. Kennedy style is an air flow down two tubes with air flow on each side. I’m sure most are familiar with the airflow at the time of Kennedy. It is also used in the recommended daily dose tsunami, but can not think of a place, and was there a few years ago. The only strange thing is that even the top of the tube for several reasons. It airflow tube on the left side of the coil is slightly higher than the right. I do not know why and it’s no big deal, but something I noticed what I have to try. easily adjust the airflow. Simply turn the top cover and O-rings are sized to make it easy to do. The hat is also locked in place, but completely closed in both positions. It would be great if locked in a fully open and fully closed operation, but not great. It is easy to adjust the MoD, but can not compensate mod. Very well done out there. O-ring top cover is good and easy to pop. It is so easy to install and fix your mod.


It comes with a standard resin tip dropwise 1.810 friction. 810 additional tips fit both friction fit and O-ring. They also include 510 adapter so you can use almost all the ends of the drops of the RDA. I would have included a supplement if, as is now the norm now to include two drip tips RDA. Drip drop tip excellently in the GDR. comfortable, not loose, not tight. Pericles Voopoo a very good quality recommended daily dose. O-ring on the top cover to the base of the right shades and a hat is tight, but not tight. It is easy to disassemble easily. AFC easy to customize, simply adjust ring seal and everything is done well. The top of the lid is not locked into place so it is easy to apply and remove mods. Screw after excellent quality and and 4 parts including screws (2 long 2 short), all flathead screws. It comes with a standard 510-pin current 510-pin DDR BF since most and both are gold plated.


The juice is also a good size. Not huge, but big enough. very good protection drops Voopoo Drag get code protection. The decrease in airflow is high enough that this poses no problem when dripping or leaking squonking. Just use as a dropper currently working on a review of all Squonk mods but I put in the Squonk mod only for testing very fast and worked well. As releasable drip drip drip until the end without removing the top cover.


This is a diameter of 24 mm (technically 24.2) so it does not harm most mods on the market today. Accessories wise, there are a lot of rings together parts and 4 parts screws (2 in size) to those presented, but not clamping parts, screwdriver, hex wrench, 1510 end of the adapter, two coils, cotton and only one drop point. Both the number of accessories as a whole. The only thing missing was to additional falls and tweezers. The reel is not marked, but disappointing and nose for it blew. integrated air had Claptons ID 3mm 5 laps with my predictions, but no label materials. Manufacturers must always include a complete specification metal label used in the coil is included. The brand is very simple and good. Only a small voopoo at the bottom of the top of each side between the two airflow holes in the lid. Well there and register with the color corresponding to not be too out.



Standard infusion cap 810 resin

gold plated pin and pin 510 standard include Squonk

much spare O-ring

The choice of color

cover screws high quality rooms and Posts

Good protection Squonk

It works well as a dropper or squonker

The good taste

decent size and juice

Good build quality

hat do not miss

both easy to adjust AFC

Punta adapter 510

beautiful appearance, not too brand

building a platform is very good and easy to build

the price point (around 25 USD)



Coils included unlabelled

only one drip point included

backless clamps


So with all that said, I recommend the GDR? I do not like as hard or not, but it is very heavy other tips. Apart from the coil and the label missing tip and fall corset is nothing wrong with the vapeciga Voopoo PNP. It is definitely one of the best this year in a busy market. As I said in the first impression you remove one of the best and easiest way to build bridges and combine them with better air flow design for taste and you have a winner. It may not be innovative, but made a big combines and built without very good attempt to show that 2 is the most important thing for a recommended daily dose. I add it to my list of CER linked below.


It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.


rejection of the products

This product was sent to me Voopoo

Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 300 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.

You can buy here:voopoo  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/voopoo

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