What spraying temperature control?

Even if you are just in the recent vape coil replaced vows if you often cough and bad breath? If that is often your case, maybe it is a bit faster to burn the coil to mature. The most common reason is that the temperature is set incorrectly in the VAPE.

temperature e-cigarette the life limit is an extension of the coil, and it is just the experience to take advantage of e-cigarettes. This is achieved by controlling the evaporation temperature.

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What temperature control spray?
If the device has this function, it can be used for the temperature of the temperature control coil (TC) predefined upper limit. Setting the TC monitor and adjust their own role or simply book the limit of the volume of road after the temperature drops. This may increase so significantly the lifetime of the battery and the life span of the vape coil, and provide a more consistent taste and improved water vapor.

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And temperature control settings
If you’ve never really tried to change the camera, you can set a little scary at first. However, we think it is not bad! The first thing you need to do is find the coil type of metal: nickel, stainless steel or titanium. Your CT apparatus may have a simple, adapted TC coil mode, or it must be set to a specific type of coil. Brief introduction of locking pieces. This is the maximum temperature required to provide basic information on regulator.Jewel tank

Just start spraying with the TC VAPE MOD connected to the surface, and then select the appropriate type of profile to lock the spool and the resistivity recommended by the device manufacturer to room temperature. Finally, set the desired temperature and have fun! We always recommend that you are looking for the best position to start gradually the cold. The ideal temperature to mix PG / VG depends on your personal taste and juice used.intake rta


If you want to improve your experience and try to use electronic cigarettes vapetemperature control Augvape and electronic cigarettes, you will find in our MAG P3 kit! This kit comes in our MAG classic series and is now waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It also features a temperature control mode for ultra-sensitive, a large touch screen 1.9 HD, which is easy to adjust and easy to use. All this can be easily set up and used with CT Toolkit All-in-One. Learn more about our website or visit your nearest authorized dealer, you Smok.LOST VAPE

Missing vape Where disposable Wand Kit Pod System

WHERE vape Stick disposable device missing pod has a compact design and portable, so you can take it with you. It has the capacity to be pre-filled with 1.2ml e-liquid, and battery power for one use is 270mah, so you can try new flavors soon. These pods can provide you with more than 300 puffs, and the salt content of nicotine in each pod is 5%.

smok vaporizers

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Brand: Missing vape
Unit: 1 set
E-liquid capacity: 1.2ml
The battery capacity: 270mah
Resistance: 0.7 Ohm
Nicotine: 5%
Packing: gift box

Each set contains: 1
WHERE vape missing Pod disposable Wand Tool


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POD System And How It Works?

The first modern cigarette electronics or vape, invented in the mid-2000s, was first similar to cigarettes. Since then, CIG has been engaged in a variety of DoD VAPE pen kits, which are generally larger and boxed to provide a variety of different styles and functional combinations. Recently, the pod system has emerged from the VAPE industry, and with major manufacturers to expand and improve our products and technology is becoming more and more popular. If vaping is because you are a beginner, you might ask: “What exactly is a pod system?”

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smok vaporizers
What POD system? What does pod mean?
The pod name system moves from the container to hold the eJuice, usually paired with the internal coil is interchangeable. The box is connected to the main body or the battery part of the system to the trigger coil to make the eJuice cabin evaporated. In accordance with ergonomic portability considerations, the pod system can be used in various forms, which are inspired by vape pens or other types of designs. There are mainly two types of system pods, “open” and “closed”. Click for a more complete list of vapeciga.com needs pod systems.

Augvape vape

Vape-closed system has the most popular and recognizable non-filling equipment option will be SMOK. And the same SMOK, Vaper only needs to pre-order the pod, you can hold juice and rolls. Once it becomes empty, and when the switch is closed, the container of the system can be discarded and thrown away. Other popular choices include products from AUGVAPE, Lost VAPE, and VAPE TOP ONE well-known companies.

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Open system pod-full choice of pods. Open the pod system is not pre-filled, but empty packaging. They have a filling port that allows users to fill in juice to suit their taste. In most cases, the top of the pod is filled with a silicone plug or built through some form of mechanism, and it will only be added by removing the empty juice. There are some open systems to facilitate the disassembly and replacement of coils without the need to purchase a replacement car, but buying a set of coils can be replaced, thereby saving additional costs. This will reduce waste and save money.

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Combining Technology And Beauty-Lostvape ORION Q-PRO

Brand: Lostvape
Product Name: ORION Lostvape Q-PRO kit
Type: Starter Kit | Vape Kit | Pod Kit
Color: SS / fantasy color, black sea, blue aurora, golden dazzling, rainbow rainbow

smok vaporizers

Lostvape ORION Q-PRO-Kit is an improved version of Orion Q pod. Driven by a 950mAh battery, it has a 5-stage output with a maximum of 24W. There are three types of coils available: 0.25ohm & 0.5 ohm 1ohms can meet your different needs. In addition, the ORION Q-PRO-Kit is equipped with a 2 ml ink cartridge and an adjustable upper airflow system to bring a great experience.

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Features of Lostvape ORION Q-PRO Kit 950mAh ➤5
Class power, maximum 24W➤
Three coils are available
➤Adjustable top airflow system
➤Special Dorn-panel design

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Get Started Quickly With Lost Vape Q-Ultra And Its Accessories

Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit 40W 1600mAh 4ml
Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit highly thinks of vapers hungering for a memorable vaping experience with long-endurance, personalized strong power, reassuring performance, user-friendly functions, sufficient juice capacity, mellow taste and stylish appearance respectively benefited from the integrated 1600mAh battery, 40W max wattage, numerous protections, lockable pod design, puff counter setting, 4ml tank top adjustable airflow system and aluminum alloy construction. Plus there is a 0.69inch OLED screen, acting on recording the real-time operating data for an open view on your vaping, including the battery life, selected power, resistance and puffs. 6 colors optional.LOST VAPE

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RPM80 ProAugvape

Main Features:
1. Built-in 1600mAh large battery, support being fully charged in 70min via a type-c port
2. Multiple protections, escort a safe and stable vaping
3. 40W max output available, allow you to customize the vaping power according to your taste preference
4. Puff counter function, conducive to develop an appropriate vaping habit
5. 4ml tank, free you from worrying about lacking liquid while immersing into an intoxicating vaping
6. Adjustable top airflow system near the drip tip, effective to maintain the strength of the vaporsmok vaporizers

Lost Vape Q-Ultra Replacement Empty Pod Cartridge 4ml 2PCs
Lost Vape Q-Ultra Replacement Empty Pod Cartridge, superior in the juice capacity of 4ml and top airflow system, is applicable to the Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit. You are free to complete it with Ultra Boost M1, M2, MTL or RBA Coil Head for diverse vaping experiences. 4 pieces in a pack.

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Lost Vape Q-Ultra Boost RBA Coil

Jewel tank

intake rta

Main Features:
1. 4ml tank, free you from worrying about lacking liquid while immersing into an intoxicating vaping
2. Adjustable top airflow system near the drip tip, effective to maintain the strength of the vapor

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Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA GO Vape Review

Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA GO Vape Pod System enriches your options with 3 series of the panel and 15 colors, stabwood & resin, carbon fiber and abalone, presenting with the same glossiness and various styles. The advanced DNA GO Starter Kit guarantees you diverse function and stable performance. 950mAh battery employed with 5 adjustable power levels, you have access to your vaping adjust by pressing the buttons and recognize the one chosen by the indicator. In addition, there are some functions that are conducive to optimize your experience with new devices, such as keys taste, replay, encouragement, etc. The second coil is replaced pod refills compatible with 2ml successful in producing thick clouds and intense flavor. Plus adjustable air flow system near the end of the drops, nothing remains except versatile device serves to whether or DL ​​vapers MTL.Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA GO Vape Pod System Starter Kit

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The main Feathers:Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA GO Vape Pod System Starter Kit Chip
1. Driven by sophisticated DNA chip GO, making the show a stable function
2. Equipped with a 950mAh battery, which support fully charged in 2 hours through a micro USB port
3. 5 power level indicator is reflected in a variety of colors, clear the work mode selected
4. Function key sense, replay and encouragement, it is easier to adapt to your personal habits
5. Top adjustable air flow system, capable of satisfying both MTL and vapers DL by exposing more or less space
6. Top fill design, simplify refilling
7. Compatible with both regular and 0.25ohm nets 0.5ohm coil, available for a dense vapor and intense flavor
8. 3 series panels with 15 colors optional, varies from your preferenceLost Vape Orion Plus DNA GO Vape Pod System Starter Kit Functions


Augvape INTAKE RTA Critic

The brand of Augvape gives me the impression that the sense of innovation is relatively strong. Like the VTEC engine red head machine and AUGVAPE Templar (San Qi) RDA, the RDA can always leave a deep impression on players and become a popular product. Recently, they launched Augvape INTAKE RTA again. How it behaves differently from others?
The packaging of RTA PWA continues the packaging style Shengqi GDR. The cylindrical package black background is small in volume and easy to move and carry. The information on the case is simple and clear, and there is a QR code and anti-counterfeiting coating.

Augvape Intake RTA 4.2ml
Product Configuration
1 * Augvape CONTRIBUTED RTA, 1 * 510 adapter, 1 * nozzle replacement, 1 * silo glass right, 1 small key * T * 1 package aprons, in fact, manufacturers in the packaging may put some cotton watermarked and, if necessary, after all, these bases have become the norm.
From the appearance, one can clearly see that the RTA INPUT is different. The upper part of the RTA is obviously greater than the lower PWA. At first sight, it will be a high bit heavy. When connected to the host or mechanical rod, the actual overall vision is found. The effect is good. Because of the solidmaterials, INTAKE RTA still has a lot of weight. Compared with traditional RTA, I personally feel that the contribution RTA is unique in the input structure and the second in the base of the electrode. It is precisely because it uses the upper air intake, so that the shape of the RTA INPUT is also unique.
For the nozzle of intake RTA, it is also an internal nozzle 810 with traditional treatment of inverted cone (another black nozzle is also distributed). To meet the needs of the taste of some players, is also presented an adapter 510. silos rights can also be used, which shows that the appearance of PWA RTA is rich enough. In addition to the slimming treatment on top, a snap-on design was also made, combined with the notch on the oil injection ring for sealing and easy connection of the top cover and ring oil injection, and the following rubber ring also has a good seal, this type of design is rare. After thesplit, it was found that the intake adjustment ring on the oil injection ring can be separated separately, and the atomizing bin below does not seem to support splitting, which must be an integrated design.Augvape Intake RTA Exploded View
In fact, the oil injection ring of INTAKE RTA uses a double-layer design, which is also the requirement of the top air intake. The principle of air intake is roughly as follows: after the external airflow enters the interior of the oil injection ring through the two split air inlet holes on the oil injection ring, it will enter the atomization chamber along the outer gap of the internal flue and pass through the electrode base The two wells in the air duct to the base air chamber, and finally through the three air holes on the base to obtain the air flow from the blowout coil Live from the bottom. At the same time, because the RTA is CONTRIBUTED an RTA with an inlet structure above, the design of its base is also very different. The two cylinders are above the air ducts for conveying the air flow. Both sides of the airways are naturally posts electrode thread. The electrode poles only support coils once. The threaded holes are parted also put on and easy lock.
In addition, CONTRIBUTED RTA better control of heat production. Even when the temperature of the smoke is hot, the main body of the spray only reaches the temperature level. It seems that the two air ducts on the base have a good cooling effect.Augvape Intake RTA Specifications
For the RTA with top air intake, INTAKE RTA is the first one I have come into contact with. The starting point of the design should be mainly used to solve the problem of oil leakage from the base. However, through experience, INTAKE RTA’s performance in other aspects is also very outstanding, especially in the analysis of e-liquids is still very satisfactory. It seems that using the air duct to achieve the top air intake design form is a reasonable and reasonable solution. For the impression of the top-heavy disorder that was initially thought, with the increase of contact time, it is still pretty beautiful now that I happen more and more, and this change in impression is because of its good taste performance.

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Augvape Intake RTA with Dual Coil 5.8ml

Augvape Intake RTA with Dual Coil 5.8ml
Augvape Intake Dual RTA is the enhanced version of the Augvape Intake RTA with one coil, making a great improvement in the area of ​​heating, the ijk capacity and overall diameter, suitable to capture an optimized vaping experience with warming faster and denser steam for you. The system superior airflow is active in the direction of flow over the coil entrance heated then return to the drip tip which is effective to maintain the fireplace aerated and smooth taste by extending the pathof the flavor. 4 colors optional.

Augvape Intake RTA with Dual Coil 5.8ml Components

Main Features:
1. Maximum capacity of 5.8 ml, affordable for a constant immersion and vaping
2. Cover double coil without effort to assemble and disassemble
3. Top design filling simplify recharge
4. Top airflow system with large slots on both sides, available for an airy and smooth experience
5. Transparent glass tube, clear on consumption and amount left of thuwikc

Augvape Intake RTA with Dual Coil 4 Colors Available

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils 5PCS
Product introduction:
Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils is specially designed for Sub Ohm Augvape intake tank atomizer and ensures great taste experience when you vaping. Has two types of coil: coil 0.2ohm Clapton Mesh (60-75W) and 0.15ohm Mesh coil (60-75W). The first is made of Nichrome and Kanthal materials, and the latter is made of material Kanthal. The coil made of the material Kanthal tastes better and longer than the coil regular grid life. out both coil heads carry flavors complexes and their e-liquid heat rapidly to produce massive clouds Vape. 5 pieces in each package.

Brand: Augvape
Model: Contribution
Coil Type: 0.2ohm Clapton mesh coil (60-75W), mesh coil 0.15ohm (60-75W)
Material: Kanthal (0.15ohm mesh coil), Nichrome and Kanthal (0.2ohm Clapton mesh coil)
Fit for: Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank
Quantity: 5pcs/pack

North Smok gennemgang 2 elektronisk cigaret

The compact design of the big smoke is a strategic change made by the SMOK known brand to meet the needs of the market and the user favorite. After all, the heavy smoke in the past is very unsuitable for travel.
The SMOK Nord 2 Suit is the latest masterpiece of SMOK in the compact design of the big smoke. This portable product that combines the violence of the big smoke and little smoke. In fact, it has SMOK doing it again, and the more it is, the stronger it is.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件电池比最好的
Compared with similar products launched by SMOK in the past, SMOK Nord 2 is more outstanding. It is not only designed with an ignition key, but also designed a + – key to voltage regulation, and the key is also equipped with an LCD screen.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件0.69inch OLED
The main unit SMOK Nord 2 is a regular quadrangular prism, the edges and the bottom are rounded and rounded, which provides users with a good grip.
The three sides of the symmetrical design are used to modify and beautify the fuselage as patches. The materials are resin and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is more focused on business, while the resin is more extravagant.
The charging port on the bottom is a USB port, which supports the load during charging. The smoothness of the lower periphery feels a little bigger, which makes it easy to fall to the place the desktopSmok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件,通过USB充电
Nord SMOK split design air inlet 2 is a little wild, and is designed to dig holes, so it does not support setting gas. This is only one type of suction resistance for users who are searching for suction resistance. The air inlet also serves as a window for observation of the amount of oil in the bin.

Because SMOK nord 2 has a screen, it is higher end. The chip leads is a new IC chip-R, and the response time of 0.001 seconds to reach ignition.

SMOK Nord 2 compatible adjustable power range of 1-40W, and the range of 0.3-3ohm ohm resistor, which can meet the daily needs of ordinary users.
Nord SMOK data display screen 2 is simple and clear, easy to interpret. Supports system replacement color display screen and lock screen, which can easily allow users to retrieve old memories and find pleasure. Of course, for new users, since the system is easy to set up, it is not difficult to start.
The top of SMOK Nord 2 is completely sealed, so can not worry about damage to the circuit of the body due to leakage of smoke, which is commendable.
The design of the cartridge SMOK Nord 2 is basically similar to the structure of the cartridge of similar products launched by SMOK in the past. Its minimal support is up to 4.3 ml. I think it has moved many users.
Because the pump nozzle smoke is wider and thicker, SMOK Nord 2 is more suitable for pulmonary aspiration, but the suction mouth experience is not ideal.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件2 Pod包括

For SMOK Nord 2 heavy smoke, the design of condensation and return into the nozzle it is very important. Furthermore, for the inlet portion of the suction nozzle, due to the influence of the thickness, it is recommended a gentle treatment.
The cartridge is equipped with 0.4 ohm core steel mesh and 0.6 ohm NORD standard core, which can bring enjoyment smoke different users.

At the same time, the official also announced the RBA kit, which is a big surprise to users who like DIY, but not standard and must be purchased separately.

In fact, the smoke bomb also supports a variety of other different specifications of the core spray. Whether you choose or not depends on your personal needs.
As for the tightness of smoke bombs, through testing, the concerns of individual users about oil leaks are actually superfluous.

For flavor performance when an ohm core steel mesh 0.4, SMOK Nord 2 considers used to analyze oil smoke is relatively sufficient and instead, which is a great improvement over previous products.
However, the implementation of this SMOK Nord 2 can be said to have brought the Gospel to users who have always adhered to the big smoke, adjustable pressure, DIY high capacity, and high battery life, and so small (three measurements: 3.05 x 2 x 9.5 cm), which is really powerful and portable enough.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件智能检测

If you look at SMOK nord 2 with a critical eye, I would like to make two more suggestions: the design of the air inlet to be adjustable; and also to meet the need of suction mouth, you can be considered one of the two cartridges. The suction nozzle and the size of the pump are smaller.

Evaluation | Smoke-SMOK wonderful companion nicotine salt NOVO2!

More than half of 2018 has passed. In the past six months, countless devices, atomizers and cigarette oil were launched. One type of product has attracted the attention of the vaporizers. That is-small cigarettes. Its widespread popularity has helped countless old smokers. Reduced the frequency of smoking, and some have successfully quit smoking, which is also our original intention of exposure to electronic cigarettes.

Smok NOVO 2 Vape Pod System Starter Kit Design

When we use the big smoke device vaping when we go out, it will affect the people around us more or less.I believe that not only the editors have been rejected by passersby after spitting a big mouth of smoke on the street. Before the public understood or accepted the electronic cigarette, the small smoke The device may be more suitable for going out, after all, it is convenient to carry and simple to use.

SMOK recently launched a new small smoke device called NOVO. The overall packaging background is black. The front is a physical picture of small smoke, which is more business-oriented from the perspective of packaging. The editor got the black version of the evaluation machine today. The family’s unique black and white snake pattern appearance makes it easy to tell that this is a SMOK product!

Make very Puff Worth
The workmanship of NOVO’s smoke bombs is very delicate. The black matt material is very thick, 2ml capacity and supports circulating oil injection. Remove the rubber plug on the side of the oil filling port, you can add smoke oil, the diameter of the oil filling port is enough to insert a pen-shaped oil bottle to add smoke oil. The cartridges are very tight, and there is no oil leakage after one day of use. When pumping. There will be a small indicator light on the middle of the front of the host. When you stop pumping, the indicator light will go out. Charging through the USB data cable. When charging, the charging indicator will be red and fully charged. , The indicator will automatically turn off. The connection between the cartridge and the host is relatively tight. The internal contact with the copper electrode at the bottom of the cartridge through the adaptive electrode needle is tight and will not be loose. NOVO uses an aerodynamic switch, which automatically ignites while inhaling. It is easy to operate and guarantees safety!

Smok NOVO 2 Vape Pod System Starter Kit Airflow System
NOVO’s snorting and mouth-sucking experience is one of the small cigarettes I use that is closer to real smoke. The evaluation used halo PRIME 15 nicotine salt smoke oil. The smoke taste is more concentrated, very close to cigarettes, and the mellow flavor of tobacco The performance is extremely rich. It is recommended to use with nicotine or nicotine salt smoke oil to get a good taste experience and at the same time to get a strong sense of satisfaction. The built-in 450mAh battery can meet the endurance requirements of one day of frequent use, and the 2ml cartridge capacity can be used for about 2 days